You can still get McLaren 570s in Rocket League now

The McLaren 570s could even be gone, but you’ll still get a McLaren in Rocket League.

How to get McLaren in Rocket League has changed since the game went free to play. The McLaren 570s used to be available in premium DLC, but those are done away with. How are you ready to get a McLaren, or a minimum of the McLaren style now?

Rocket League shifted to a replacement model and now features a rotating item shop, almost like another free to play games. If you already had the DLC for things a bit like the McLaren, you’ll still be able to keep them. Otherwise, all items that were DLC could even be available within the item patronize at some point.

As for McLaren, it’s a matter of waiting, because it’s not entered the shop rotation yet. The car comes with a gaggle of wheels and has limited customization.

If you’d like something a bit like the McLaren without the branding, you’ll still get the Endo. It’s supported the McLaren MP4-12C, and you will catch on during a $5 Starter Pack.

The Endo is as on the brink of a McLaren as you will get in Rocket League immediately. Players a bit like the Endo more, as it’s more customizable than the McLaren. If you’d just like the McLaren style immediately in Rocket League, it’s also your only option.

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