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At a fundamental level, Escape Tarkov is about tense and realistic gunplay and advancement by looting. Sporting a huge selection of guns and modifications, along side a sensible ballistics model, death within the game can come quickly and painfully. Adding to the realism, weapons got to be cared for lest they wear out and jam or overheat. Similarly, players will got to tend to their own health as bones break, wounds bleed, and exhaustion sets in. this is often not a game for the timid!

Good game experience need game items support, the Escape from Tarkov is same.So the most important thing is that you need enough EFT Roubles to buy those gears.

Escape from Tarkov Roubles (EFT Roubles) is that the main central currency within the game. you would like it to level up your character and gain the advantages possible within the game.

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