The 3 Strongest All-Time Teams in NBA 2K 21

The fun tradition of including All-Time teams is continued by NBA 2K21, and here’s a look at the strongest groupings of the bunch.
Since its launch in NBA 2K18, All-Time teams, whether online or offline, have become some of the most fun teams to use in Play Now. The feature was introduced to next-gen consoles by NBA 2K21, with slight updates to the bottom of their rosters.

Today we list the Top 3 Strongest ALL-TIME Teams, let’s check it out.

NO 3. Golden State Warriors

When you’ve got some of the most dominant players you’ve ever had, and one of the greatest dynasties you’ve ever had, that will most likely be seen on the All-Time roster. Wilt Chamberlain and Stephen Curry, the Warriors’ two greatest stars, had some of the craziest NBA seasons in history, and that reflects how overwhelmed they are in 2K, with Wilt being invincible inside, and Curry being automatic from three-point range, even off the dribble.
From 1975 Finals MVP Rick Barry to all three of Run T.M.C. in Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, and Chris Mullin, to the We Believe catalysts Baron Davis and Jason Richardson, to the other members of the “death lineup” of the 2010s: Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Andre Iguodala, there’s even more talent beside them. No definition can do justice to how good this squad is.

NO 2. Boston Celtics

For as long as the Celtics have, no team has been as consistently amazing, so it’s only natural that their 2K21 All-Time team has quite a couple of legends. By being led by the winningest athlete in NBA history and potentially any sport, Bill Russell, alone, they have ample defensive presence. Offensively, with Larry Bird, Bob Cousy, and John Havlicek being both strong scorers and playmakers and Kevin McHale and Dave Cowens being inside threats, the C’s can strike from anywhere.
In spite of the long history of the franchise, the younger players still get some shine on the All-Time roster. The key faces of one of the greatest super-teams of the modern NBA, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen, all play enormous roles in this squad, as does the group’s facilitator, Rajon Rondo.

NO 1. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are so packed, the clear-cut best of all the All-Time players, that they should have LeBron James, who is a Laker at the moment and still going high, come off the bench. That’s because their starting five consists of players who dominated and invested their bonuses in Los Angeles. They have two of the greatest men of all time in the front courtyard: Shaquille O’Neal and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who spent their best years and won MVP trophies in LA. They have three guards outside the perimeter who dominate in their own way: Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and Jerry West.

One might also create a worthy All-Time roster, starting with five of their bench players: LeBron James, Elgin Baylor, George Mikan, James Worthy, and Wilt Chamberlain. When the history of your franchise is chock-full of all-time greats from every era, it is a given that your All-Time 2K team is the greatest.

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