Taunting is an important skill in Madden 21

Taunting players in Madden 21 may be fun thanks to rubbing during a win or celebrate a touchdown during a challenging game.

Some players may consider it poor sportsmanship, but every player should skill to taunt just in case.

How to taunt in Madden 21

Players can taunt in Madden 21 by holding down the left trigger and pressing Square/X on both Xbox and Playstation consoles. Holding the LT/L2 button and Square/X will activate a randomly selected taunt perfect for showing off.

Unfortunately for fans, players cannot select specific taunts and can activate a random animation. The animations include the player turning around and pointing a finger, high-stepping while running, and a couple of other taunts that will drive the opposite player crazy.

It is crucial to forming sure there are not any defenders around while taunting, as getting tackled during a celebration nearly always leads to a fumble.

Players also can press LT/L2 and Square/X to dive into the endzone and further taunt the opposite player. After scoring a touchdown, remember to maneuver to the proper stick-up, down, left, or right to trigger more celebrations. These include team celebrations, spiking the ball, and player-specific dances.

Combining a taunt, endzone dive, and touchdown celebration is enough to upset almost any Madden 21 player. Remember that other players cant taunt you, so try your best to avoid being the player watching the celebration.

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