Something That You Should Know About POE Currency

Unlike other RPG games, Path of Exile is unique with its currency system. There is no gold in Path of Exile. Instead, it has a currency system that contains various orbs and scrolls with no fixed value. To make it clear for beginners, here we will introduce more than 20 different currency orbs to help you know more about POE Currency.

Path of Exile Currency Item List
Here is a value list of POE Currency for all players to refer, especially for beginners. It ranges from the lowest to the highest in value.
Scroll of Wisdom – the most used currency in the game as it is used to identify magic, rare or unique items.
Portal Scroll – It is used to instantly make portal to town in corresponding act.
Armourer’s Scrap – It is used to improve quality of an armor piece, such as boots, gloves, chest armor, helm or shield.
Blacksmith’s Whetstone – It is used to improve quality of weapons – wands, bows, maces, swords etc.
Orb of Augmentation – It is used to add one affix (mod) to magic item which has only 1 affix.
Orb of Transmutation – It is used to transform normal item into magic item.
Orb of Alteration – It is used to randomly reroll magic item.
Chromatic Orb – It is used to recolor sockets on the item.
Jeweller’s Orb – It is used to randomly reroll amount of sockets item has.
Orb of Chance – It is used to roll normal item to random rarity.
Orb of Alchemy – It is used to upgrade any normal (white) item to rare quality.
Cartographer’s Chisel – It is used to improve quality of a map.
Orb of Fusing – It is used to randomly reroll links between sockets on item.
Glassblower’s Bauble – It is used to improve quality of all kind of flasks.
Orb of Scouring – It is used to remove all the mods from magic or rare piece of equipment and reroll item to normal (white).
Chaos Orb – It is used to randomly reroll any rare item.
Orb of Regret – It is the only orb that is not used on items.
Vaal Orb – It is used to corrupt items.
Regal Orb – It is used to turn magic (blue) item into rare item adding 1 affix.
Blessed Orb – It is used to reroll implicit property on the item.
Gemcutter’s Prism – It is used to improve qualty of any non corrupted skill gem.
Divine Orb – It is used to randomly reroll values of mods on items.
Exalted Orb – It is used to add one random affix to a rare item.
Eternal Orb – It is used to make an imprint of an item.
Mirror of Kalandra – It is used to make exact copy of any rare item.

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