Some Tips for Playing Defense in Rocket League for Beginners

Rocket League is a sought-after video game that is easy to start but difficult to reach a high level. For beginners in Rocket League, knowing how to defense is very important. If you are stuck by it and want to become better in the game, here are some tips for you to do better in defense.

When you are at the kickoff, you must first notice your position. When the match starts, you should immediately grab the first boost pad directly in front of you (or you could need to slide back like a knight piece, depending on the position) and then stay in goal. Stay just inside the goal for extra time needed to react and boost/jump for a block.

If the ball isn’t coming to you, directly boost left or right to get the 100% boost in the corner and go half way between the midpoint and the goal. Moreover, you should watch the ball. If you feel like it’ll kick over to your side, go back towards the goal a bit – feel it out.

When you’re hanging around mid, watch the ball because it’s often at the corners and you can get an easy goal when it pops out. Pay attention to defense and goal scoring when your role is in the mid field, and all you should do is to kick the ball back into the enemy side, just keep tossing the ball back into that general direction and let your team mates do the rest.

Here are tips about saving the ball. If the ball is in the air, this is why you have 100% boost. If you’re confident about your flying, go forward and intercept the ball. If you’re not, you might want to wait and simply boost up to block the shot. It’s not ideal since everyone is coming to you and get a second try but it’ll immediately block the goal.

If you have no boost, you can always double-jump. To do this, simply stay in one spot, hit jump, and at the height of the jump, hit jump again. This will actually reach about 85% of the height of the goal and you should be able to block just about every vertical shot you get. Just be careful – you’ll be tempted to flip your car or boost which could mess you up.

A goalie shouldn’t be going very fast when blocking a shot – you’re a lot more likely to miss the ball. You boost only to get to your goal or when you’re scoring while being mid. Kicking a ball away shouldn’t need a boost unless you’re flying.

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