Selling turnips is still the fast way to earn Animal Crossing Bells

Animal Crossing has a stimulating economy, selling fruits, bugs, fish, and a spread of random items to form a fast bell can allow you to pass for a short time, but you would like to urge a far better source of income due to the payment for your house start to balloon, you’ve got to form greater infrastructure improvements around town. You would like to use the stock exchange of this game to form enough money. Turnips are one among the simplest ways to urge rich in New Horizons. As autumn approaches, there could also be more options to urge bells. However, turnips are still an efficient method.

If you pay close attention to Timmy Tommy’s prices, you’ll know when to sell and you’ll make tons of cash. We collected all the knowledge you would like to understand about the turnips trade!

Turnips in ACNH operate once every week cycle. Every Sunday, after you unlock Nook’s Cranny, Daisy Mae will come to your town to sell turnips from 5 am to 12 pm. She sells them in bundles of 10 at different prices every week-about 90-110 bells per turnip. There’s no limit to the number of turnips you’ll buy before she leaves as long as you’ve got enough Animal Crossing Bells. We recommend buying it no matter its price!

The turnips you purchased will go bad next Sunday and become worthless, so so as to form money, you would like to sell your turnips before next Saturday. you’ll put turnips on the ground reception or outside, but it’s worth noting that any visitors can devour the turnips you allow outside. If your house has no space, confirm your fence within the turnips in order that they do not get stolen.

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