Rocket League is going to be updated with graphics up to 120 fps

Rocket League fans will have an excellent reason to shop for an Xbox Series X or maybe a Series S, as Psyonix just announced new details for Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, which can hit up to 120 FPS because of an update to be released soon.

The statement was released today on the game’s official website, where the developer shared a number of the improvements which will are available subsequent generation of consoles, where Rocket League is often played because of backward compatibility on PS5 and therefore the new Xbox which was released worldwide yesterday.

Among the new features, we’ll have faster load times, improved split-screen performance, and a replacement Performance mode, which can allow you to succeed in up to 120FPS on the Xbox Series X and S. the quality resolution of the sport for the console’s launch is 4K at 60FPS with HDR enabled, except on Xbox Series S, where the resolution has dropped to 1080p.

On the opposite hand, the performance mode should reduce the resolution to 2688×1512 pixels within the X series, while the S series is predicted to average 1344×756 pixels or 70% of 4K and 1080p, respectively. This way, it’ll be up to the player to settle on whether or not they want better-looking graphics or improved performance with faster responses.

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