Rocket League Guide: How to Influence the Ball’s Speed Height with Different Shots

Both beginners and experienced players may have difficulty in doing hard shots or placing their shots in general. Hard shots are very useful to punish positioning mistakes, players with a slow reaction time and players who are not good at defending or getting high and fast shots. As most players in bronze and silver don’t pressure the ball enough or position themselves wrong, half-and full court shots are one of the best methods to get goals while playing defensive. Here is an introduction of how to do hard shots.

Influence of different car parts on the strength you shoot the ball
There are four different types of contact you can get on the ball for different strengths. You can use these to your advantage.
Wheels: This hit is the weakest hit in the game. If you want a soft touch, you hit it with the wheels of your car. If you want it to go fast, do not hit it with your wheels.
Roof: The roof of your car is a moderate amount stronger than your wheels. You can get solid hits with this. If you want a decent hit without the ball going too fast or too slow, the roof is your way to go.
Bumper: Your front bumper offers a very strong hit. If you want to get fast shots, this is your way to go.
Corner Bumper: The corner of your front bumper is the strongest hit in the game, which is a slight amount stronger than your bumper.

Importance of the balls movement for your shot
If you shoot the ball while it’s moving upwards, it will also fly high and often faster. It’s best to hit it just a moment after it hit the ground. On the other hand, if you shoot the ball while it’s falling, you will generally get a shallow and often weak shot. Also, the faster the ball is moving away from you, the harder it is to change it’s direction and speed. If you want to shoot the ball high and very fast, hit it just a moment after it hit the ground, if you want a shallow hit, hit it just before it hits the ground.

How to use the dodge
It is a big problem for beginners. Many of them use the dodge way too early. What you want to do is dodging at the moment you hit the ball. Also don’t forget to do the dodge at the moment you hit the ball with your front bumpers. Don’t get used to weird stuff like leaning forward and then hitting it with your roof.

Combine all points
For hard hits you want to hit the ball just after it touched the ground (if possible), the lower side of the ball so it flys up, dodge at the moment you hit it, and when possible it should’t move away from you before.

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