Rocket League:New Kaskade items will be added on March 25

With a new set of items based on the styles and music of American DJ Ryan “Kaskade” Raddon, Rocket League is adding more bangers to the game.

Kaskade’s music has previously been featured prominently in Rocket League playlists, as well as in several cinematic trailers for the game’s most recent content.

Starting March 25, this new item bundle will be available for 1,000 Rocket League Credits in a special Kaskade tab in the Item Shop. Octane and Dominus Decals inspired by Huntress, two sets of painted Kaskade Wheels (Orange and Cobalt), and Kaskade’s latest hit Miles To Go as a Player Anthem will be included.

Starting March 26, a special set of Titanium White Kaskade Wheels will be available for purchase individually in the Item Shop.

All of these new Rocket League Items will only be available for a limited time, but to commemorate Kaskade’s return, Psyonix has added some bonus content. Flip Reset, Solid Ground, and Closer, Kaskade’s other Player Anthems, will be available for one day only on March 29.

All of this is leading up to the conclusion of Season 2’s content, in which Kaskade will collaborate with Psyonix to make “an experience that you’ll want to be a part of.” More information will be released next week, ahead of the launch of the new items and the conclusion of season two on April 7.

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