Path of Exile Update 1.45 Brings More for Players to Enjoy

A new update of Path of Exile was released for platforms like PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In this new Path of Exile update 1.45 (3.10.1d), GGG added a quick search function to the trading market and various improvements including delusions, performance, skills, variants and POE Currency microtransactions have been made. Meanwhile, the developer also fixed a client crash that could occur when monsters use extended nova skills. Here is a part of important patch notes for Path of Exile update 1.45.

Delirium Improvements
Pure Guile and Pure Aptitude can now be rolled on Aura Cluster Jewels.
Deep Cuts, Vicious Skewering, Smite the Weak, Heavy Hitter, Martial Prowess, Calamitous, Devastator, Fuel the Fight, Drive the Destruction and Feed the Fury notable passives can now be rolled on Shield Cluster Jewels.
Fixed a bug preventing the Bloodscent Cluster Jewel passive from working if you were using it in combination with Rage Support.
Fixed a bug where Immortal Call didn’t count as a Non-Vaal Guard Skill for the sake of the Veteran’s Awareness Cluster Jewel keystone passive.
Fixed a bug where The Mayor, The Endless Darkness, The Price of Loyalty and The Chosen divination cards did not correctly give credit towards the “Turn in Divination Cards” challenge when turned in.
Fixed a bug where Omniphobia, Fear Manifest could sometimes get stuck in terrain after using its Leap Slam skill.
Fixed a bug where Kosis, The Revelation’s beam skill could stop rendering temporarily if you ran too far away from it while it was using the skill.
Fixed a bug where Betrayal Intervention targets could sometimes become untargetable if encountered during a Delirium encounter.
Fixed a bug where Legion monsters with the Vengeful Stalker modifier could not be killed.
Fixed a bug where Fury Hounds in Delirium encounters could sometimes become untargetable.
Fixed a bug where the monsters that appear on top of Delirium monsters when they split were inheriting attack and cast speed bonuses from Delirium mist.
Fixed a bug where various effects from Delirium monsters could sometimes linger indefinitely.

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