New arena added in Rocket League season 2 with new features

With many new features in the free-to-play game, Rocket League Season 2 officially kicked off Wednesday.

The new Neon Fields Arena was unveiled by Rocket League along with a Player Anthems customization option and Grammy-nominated EDM artist Kaskade’s songs and material.

The newest car in the game, the R3MX, can be unlocked with the Rocket Pass Premium instantly, and the R3MX GXT is unlockable at Tier 70. New decals like Filiformer and EQ-RL, wheels like Woofer and MTRX, and target explosions such as Riser and Light Display are featured in the new Rocket Pass.

Neon Fields can be found and picked in private matches in the Online Playlists.

With Player Anthems, players after scoring a goal will be able to play their favorite music in the Arena. “Kaskade made an EP featuring songs for the Rocket League starting with “Flip Reset,” featuring WILL K. As Player Anthems, a second song will also be available.

Additional Professional Tournament Prizes were also introduced by the Rocket League and the Esports Shop for Season 2 was retooled.

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