Madden NFL 17 core and auxiliary functions

I play the only one every year sports games, rugby fans can only deepen the experience of the game – “Madden football” series of each game in the past around a core to start, such as “Madden NFL 15” is the core Defensive. EA said that the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Madden NFL 17 will contain three parts: offense, defense, and speccial teams. In last year’s American Football League, dressed in red uniforms Buffalo Bill and the green jersey wearing a New York Jets fleet of a confrontation not only in the visual show some muddle of the perception (red with green) , But also to have the red and green blindness of the audience some blind. But this embarrassing situation in the “Madden NFL 17” and will not appear.

In the offensive part, the player can control the player to attack the ball. “We introduced a tiered system in the game where each player’s attributes, speed, and rank determine what kind of nirvana they can play on the court,” EA explains in the blog tweets. In the Madden NFL 17 ‘s arena, both brave and mighty men, such as chariots, are smart and agile, and are good at using fake little ones.

But this interesting setting also makes “Madden NFL 17” this game has become more complicated. In order to allow players to get started, EA also specifically added some tips to guide the player how to operate. In addition, there is a new option called Path Assist that provides advice on how the player controls the movement of the role.If the player chooses a lower game difficulty, the player-controlled portion will be reduced accordingly, The game will automatically help you choose the right location and action.

Here again to talk about the defensive part. In the “Madden NFL 17”, the player will be able to better cover his teammates through the new job in the gap assignments. Defensive part of the “Forced defenders” will try to attack the ball players from the edge forced back to the center of the venue. In addition, EA almost reproduces the part of the regional defense, they said: “We will be in this part of the eight” Madden football “in the never had outside the ball tactics.

In this regard, EA also wrote: “Madden NFL17” in the AI ​​defensive team members can be aware of the various areas of the court may be a threat, and can automatically search for teammates need to be connected. In addition, they not only able to field To run, but also in the game to build a strong line of defense.This can be said that the series so far the most realistic and wit AI. “So players buy value for money, then the players can also https : // buy Madden 17 Coins, so that they are not only in the strong line of defense to enhance their ability to attack.

Of course, there are a lot of interesting new elements in the “rugby team” group. “Madden NFL17” in the introduction of a new kick kick (kick meter). EA said the introduction of this counter is to “let the existing” NFL “game becomes more challenging.” In the game, the player can also use ice to the kicker under the trip. The introduction of the new game mechanism also adds more risk and opportunity to this part of the content.

“NFL 17” also includes a series of new auxiliary function settings, in these new settings will be included in the “color blind auxiliary (Colorblind Filter)”. It is estimated that its participation can benefit about 5 million people suffering from color blindness “NFL” series of players. With this feature, the player can replace all of the elements in the game from the game venue to the player’s jersey with red or blue color.

In addition, this new work also added a benefit for all players set. “Madden NFL17” in the pass and action icon has been enlarged. Although these enlarged icons sometimes obscure the game characters, but it allows players to see the role of the need to do the action, and will not always hand wrong by the wrong key. Brightness and contrast settings can also match the player’s color and clarity of the screen different needs.You can also madden movie room to learn from the great people, to show your competitors.