Let’s check out Rocket League Haunted Hallows 2021 Guide

The Haunted Hallows event has returned to Rocket League in 2021, and players may obtain a variety of Batman-themed rewards in-game.

The Haunted Hallows event has returned to Rocket League in 2021, and players may obtain a variety of Batman-themed rewards in-game. This year’s event runs from October 14 to November 1 in Rocket League Season 4, and players can acquire all of the rewards without having to wait for weekly releases. In addition, the Gotham City Rumble limited-time mode will be hosted by a brand new arena type dubbed “Beckwith Park.”

The limited-time mode Gotham City Rumble is a crossover with powerups based on the powers of classic Batman villains. The boxing glove, for example, has been reskinned to look like Joker’s glove, while the boot and grappling hook have been replaced with Harley Quinn’s hammer and Poison Ivy’s vines, respectively. While the Haunted Hallows event is live in Rocket League, Gotham City Rumble is available in the casual playlist, however, the rewards can be acquired through any activity.

Batmobile bundles are also available in the Rocket League Haunted Hallows event. The 2016 Batmobile, 2012 Dark Knight Tumbler, and 1989 Batmobile are all available for 800 Rocket League credits in the Rocket League Items Shop. Each Batmobile combo contains a Reel Life Decal and a Goal Explosion with the appropriate theme. Additionally, for 2000 credits, all three bungles can be purchased. Goal Explosions and Reel Life Decals can be purchased individually for 500 and 300 credits respectively for players who already own the Batmobile or desire the individual pieces.

Haunted Hallows Guide

Players can acquire 12 different items in Rocket League’s Haunted Hallows event without having to buy anything, including the Rocket Pass. Before an item can be unlocked, it must first complete a challenge. The tasks are all quite basic and may be achieved in casual, ranked, or extra modes activities. These rewards, like the 007 Aston Martin Valhalla in Rocket League, are only available for a limited time.

The following are the Haunted Hallow event challenges and rewards:

• Dominus: Joker (Limited Decal): Play five online matches

• Batman (Limited Player Banner): Get 30 centers or clears in online matches

• Harley Quinn (Limited Topper): Get 20 goals or assists in online matches

• Batman 1989 (Limited Avatar Border): Get 8,000 total points in online matches

• Joker (Limited Player Banner): Get a total of 30 shots in online matches

• Merc: Gotham’s Finest (Limited Decal): Get 10 saves or epic saves in online matches

• Poison Ivy (Limited Rocket Boost): Get 20 first touches in online matches

• Joker (Limited Rocket Boost): Use the “Faking.” quick chat in five different online matches

• Batman (Limited Rocket Boost): Get a goal and a win in the same online match

• Mr. Freeze (Limited Wheels): Earn 60,000 XP in online matches

• Harley Quinn (Limited Wheels): Hit the ball 200 times in online matches

• 20,000 XP (Repeatable Reward): Win 10 online matches

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