Items That You Can Expect from Rocket League Momentum Series

The latest Momentum Series are available for all Rocket League players to enjoy. A dozen of brand
new items like super sleek Peregrine TT, the Interstellar Animated Decal, and limited time sale
Gravity Bomb Goal Explosion are offered in the event. Here is a full list of the all-new items in
the Momentum Series.

Full List of the Rocket League Momentum Items:
Peregrine TT
Interstellar Animated Decal
Gravity Bomb Goal Explosion
CNTCT-1 Wheels
Quasar Boost
Cutter Wheels
HNY Wheels
Grappler Wheels
Smokescreen Decal
Huntress Decal (Fennec)
Hardline Decal (Fennec)
Vector Decal (Dominus)

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