How to Get Madden Training Points 21

To help you upgrade your squad, there are three popular ways to gain more training points and we have a rundown on all of them.

In Your Inventory, Sell Cards

This could be the most common way for extra training points to be picked up. You can then quick-sell some of those cards for training points by looking through your inventory and seeing cards that aren’t in your lineup. It is an easy process and there might be a lot of training points sitting around in your inventory if you have invested a lot of effort into the game.
Not all cards are worth the same number of training points, but you should still be able to walk away with a decent payout by selling large amounts of cards.

Play KO Superstar

One of the modes within MUT is Superstar KO and it offers players different prizes for winning a certain number of matches. For instance, users who won five Superstar KO games were rewarded with an 85 OVR Lamar Jackson card at the beginning of Madden 21.
Although this is definitely a great card, they could easily sell Lamar for 450 training points to players who ended up with a better quarterback. Not all cards are worth that much, but it might certainly be worth it to grind through Superstar KO games and then quick-sell the cards for training points.

Challenges from MUT

Another perfect way to grind out training points is by completing MUT challenges. You can adjust the challenges for higher rewards and most of the challenges are very straightforward.
The best thing about MUT problems is that they rarely run out. For Madden 21 users, there will always be another task to complete. In general, this strategy is the most satisfying for gaining training points since they are near-endless possibilities.

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