How to catch a scorpion in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Recently, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become the talk of the town because players love it and there is really no reason to dislike it. There have been several internet inquiries on how to catch a Scorpion in Animal Crossing, much as there have been inquiries about how to catch and breed frogs in the game. This is fascinating to learn about and fantastic to play.

The simplest method of catching a scorpion is to use a conventional bug net to trap it. Before attempting to grab a scorpion, there are still a few things you should be aware of because if it stings you, you will fall unconscious and respawn at the base location.

If you want to catch a scorpion, get as close to it slowly as you can. It normally moves in a zigzag manner, but when you approach it, it stops moving. You can be sure that it will try to charge at you and sting you, but you must use great caution. When you are certain that a frozen scorpion won’t charge you at this time, cautiously approach it and get as close as you can before swiping it up.

In Animal Crossing, this is the most effective and straightforward method of catching a scorpion. You need to be aware of some game-related Scorpion facts, though, or you risk never being able to find one.

  1. Only from November to April in the South and from May to October in the North do scorpions occur.
  2. Scorpions only show up from 7 p.m. until 4 a.m. They are not spawnable throughout the day. They are only visible at night.
  3. Scorpions move erratically but will stop if you approach.
  4. If there are other players in the game except you, scorpions won’t spawn.
  5. Since they are so uncommon, it can take you some time to locate a scorpion.

As you explore Animal Crossing, you should be aware that Scorpion Island may be a mystery island. Although there is a very slim probability that you may discover this mysterious island, you should be aware that it does. In the game, scorpions are extremely valuable and you may sell each one for 8000 Animal Crossing bells.

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