How much is Rocket Pass going to be on Rocket League season 5

Rocket League Season 4 appears to be coming to an end soon, which means we’ll be getting the next significant title update in the coming days. Season 5 will be another significant update for Rocket League, and here’s all you need to know about it.

When does Rocket League Season 5 start

The Haunted Hallows event has concluded, and Rocket League Season 5 is set to begin soon. Season 5 could begin as early as November 11th, based on the start date of Season 4 and the current average length of a Rocket League season.

However, it is November 10th, and we have yet to hear anything regarding Rocket League Season 5. As a result, we believe the next season of Rocket League content will be released next week, on November 16th.

How much is Rocket Pass going to be on Rocket League season 5

The premium Rocket Pass is available for purchase if you want to acquire more content each season. In each season of Rocket League, there are two options:

Rocket Pass Premium – 1000 Credits – Access to over 70 tiers of unique content.

Rocket Pass Bundle – 2000 Credits – All perks of premium plus a brand new car, the Outlaw, and 12 tiers automatically unlocked.

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Unlike in other games featuring a pass system, you cannot earn enough in-game currency to purchase the next season’s pass. Each Rocket Pass only allows you to earn 600 credits.

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