Check the news about Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Event Star Date & Details

As you recognize, Nintendo always adds new content to Animal Crossing New Horizons in accordance with limited-time festivals to remain the game fresh. So when Halloween comes, we’ll also celebrate the holiday in ACNH. And like all major events in Animal Crossing, a replacement character – Jack are getting to be added to interact with the player and distribute Halloween prizes and time-limited items.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Event Release Date

• ACNH Halloween Event Start Time: 6:00 pm on October 31st

• ACNH Halloween Jack Appear Time: October 1st (Prepare for Halloween)

Scare Your Villagers To Win Lollipops

The ACNH Halloween festivities begin on October 31 at 6:00 p.m. From then on, you’ll scare the inhabitants who have stayed reception to refill on sweets. And be approached by the disguised villagers who roam the town in search of sweets and bad tricks to undertake to to.

Accomplish your mission for Jack! Go scare the inhabitants back home by putting on the mask that scares them! If you attend their house wearing the proper mask, you will get a lollipop, Jack’s favorite treat. Otherwise, the villager will provide you with a mini-game, which may earn you a candy if you win it.

Animal Crossing Items of Halloween to collect During Event

Halloween is that the time to urge your hands on some special furniture. Those of the Halloween Series are on sale throughout the month of October at Timmy and Tommy, for 4,124 Animal Crossing Bells. On the other hand, the Spooky Series can only be obtained by bribing Jack.

ACNH Creepy Theme Items

How To Get: Exchange From Jack With Lollipops

The Creepy Theme could also be a set of haunted house-inspired furniture items that first appeared as a series in Animal Crossing:City Folk, distributed as DLC. The gathering reappears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf as a subject, and should be obtained by giving Jack lollipops during Halloween.

• Creepy Skeleton

• Creepy Cauldron

• Creepy Bat Stone

• Creepy Stone

• Creepy Coffin

• Creepy Crystal

• Creepy Clock

• Creepy Statue

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