Check out Rocket League Season 3 Patch Notes and big Changes Explained

Season 3 of Rocket League has begun, and it includes a new car, tournaments, and Rocket League Items, among other things. Here’s what you should know if you’re a fan.

After launching on April 7, Rocket League Season 3 is now live. New cars, a Rocket Pass, and hundreds of unlockable cosmetics are among the newest changes to the long-running and popular sports game. Fans of Rocket League’s online competitive side may be involved in a variety of improvements made there. Here are some of the most important highlights from the Season 3 update for Rocket League fans to be aware of.

Season 3 of the Rocket Pass adds a new car, the Tyranno, as well as several updates to Pro Tier Rewards. Pro Tier Rewards can now be more consistent for all matches, and they’re even available until they’re unlocked, thanks to the latest update. Instead of leaving things up to chance, this should ideally ensure that players get the incentives they really want. Certified rewards will no longer decrease in Rocket Pass as a result of the Pro Tier changes.

DFH Stadium (Circuit), a brand-new stadium, has also been introduced to Rocket League, giving fans a new perspective. Online Playlists, Private Matches, and Free Play all include the DFH Stadium (Circuit). Although the new stadium and Tyranno car may have contributed to Rocket League’s servers collapsing on April 7, there are still a number of other updates that should excite both loyal fans and newcomers.

Rocket League’s Season 3 Competitive Changes Explained

Season 2 is now complete, and players are receiving their seasonal rewards, which include boosts and new Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend titles, as well as the conversion of remaining Season 2 Tournaments Rocket League Credits into All-Star Cups. Season 3 of Rocket League, on the other hand, features a host of competitive shifts. MMR thresholds for 3v3 Standard and 2v2 Doubles have been changed in Diamond ranks and above, and tiers from Champion I to Grand Champion III now have a broader MMR range as well. In addition, the MMR range for each category has been narrowed to make Champion+ ranks more accessible at lower numbers, and the strength of MMR compression has been reduced for all modes.

Season 3’s Stage 1 Challenges have begun, and players can now access a range of new Rocket League tier rewards that have been introduced. Rocket League has a devoted following since its release in 2015, and the new season aims to revitalize the franchise (and its fans). There seems to be a lot for Rocket League fans to be excited about in the latest update, from a new car and stadium to competitive updates and new incentives.

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