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Cosplay is a combination of costume and role play and has its roots in Japan. Cosplayers dress like anime characters but given the appeal of American popular culture as well, Marvel heroes and Disney characters also feature in cosplay.

The players actually get into character, what is intriguing about cosplay is that it provides an alternative space for role-play on a public forum. For myself, the intriguing characteristic about cosplay is its modern, trendy outlook and its relevance to the growing interest in gaming, digital narratives and fantasy worlds among youths and some older folks alike. Moving past the view of comics as childish and useless, cosplay is just as much about performance as it is an indication of movements in local and world culture and education. The American comic superhero has become the star of the most box office on the big screen. The super hero who takes DC and Marvel as the leader has a long history of more than 80 years. Generations of Americans are accompanied by cartoons. growing up.

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DC’s trump card is so solemn, Marvel’s greatest hero is more close to the people, after all, he is a good neighbor of every New York citizen. Although Spider-Man is not outstanding in many respects, it is praised by fans for its unique civilian charm. From 1963, “Amazing Spider-Man v1”, the updated record has been soared to 700. In the long-lasting story, dozens of different Spider-Man in each parallel universe will be inspired by spider totems. In 2000, “Spider-Man” and “X-Men” opened the era of the last film-changing movie. After the poor performance of “Amazing Spider-Man”, we are about to witness the return of the third-generation spider.

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Spider-Man 2 The Avengers Infinity War Cosplay Costume

Material : White Roman Fabric Printing, Glazed Leather, Mesh
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X-Men: Apocalypse Cyclops Costume Scott Summers Cosplay Costume Top Level

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X-Men: Days of Future Past Wolverine Costume Logan Cosplay Costume Top Level

Material : Faux Leather, Twill, PU leather
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Captain America’s ability is not the strongest of the Avengers, but it is the most correct embodiment of American values. His spiritual attributes have always motivated his teammates, and the captains who have fought in battle have little command. He may lose leadership, shields, and fortified serum, but even returning to his 90s is the most fighting hero.

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The Avengers Captain America Civil War Steve Rogers Cosplay Costume

Material : PU Leather, Composite Leather, Fur, Elastic Fabric, Acrylic
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The unseen dead waiter is simply the biggest discovery in the movie. Perhaps the secret of success is that the director and Ryan Reynolds restored the character, because in the comics he is so unobtrusive and unwilling to dog With the “role”. After the “Death of the Dead” won the box office champion of the “X-Men” series, it also set off a trend of R-class heroes.

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2018 Deadpool 2 Costume Wade Wilson Cosplay Costume Deluxe Version - Top Level

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As the heir to the Kingdom of Wakanda, the Panther is the title of the king of the country. This rich territory is not only rich in earthquakes, but also out of the leader of wisdom and courage. The black panthers rely on their own technology, can not lose iron man in IQ, the physical quality does not lose the captain of the United States, his power is still to be personal Inspection of the film.

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The Avengers Captain America Black Panther T'Challa Cosplay Costume

Material : PU Leather, Composite Leather
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The Avengers Captain America Black Panther Erik Killmonger Cosplay Costume Deluxe Outfit

Material : Knitted, Camouflage, Canvas, Composite Leather, Bubble Leather, Satin
Full Set Including : Top, Pants, Vest, Armour, Belt, Holsters, Scabbard, Boots
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Cosplayers are not necessarily wealthy people but most design their own costumes with extraordinary detail. Cosplayers therefore are proving through their self-affirmation that creative power does not belong to a “one per cent”. Our passion, whatever it is, and our desire for self-expression grants each one of us that power. We strive to provide you excellent customer service, and we will do as much as we can to enhance your shopping experience. Should you have any questions, remarks or advices, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you are interested in cosplay, you can join our SNS and have fun together.


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