“NBA Live Mobile” new series by Russell Westbrook endorsement “NBA Live Mobile” with 5 to 5 rules, and with the NBA all day 365 days interlinked, so that players can actually participate in the game through real life in the Union of various events The Real life inspiration for live events, you will experience a range of fast and participatory skill challenges as well as a quarter (two minute) game scene that lets you connect to your favorite team and players.

In any game, choose to control your team directly or choose an automated game to get your team to find your own destiny. Familiar with the new features of the game will provide you with a strong team to provide technical support.

NBA Live Mobile new features:

Starting today, we updated the list of games and the UI in the game to reflect the NBA in the 2016-17 season. The new court, logo, jersey and updated player card will reflect the off-season action, including rookie add and a brand new event rookie lineup (more below).

Increased daily goals.

New splash screen and NBA Live move icon.

For the first time in NBA Live Mobile, we added a new language! The support of Russia and Turkey is now here, more in the short term.

The game enhances and improves the functionality of the TON, including the huge community requirements: the new mechanism for the alley, post-game AI improvements, more, more!

With your progress, use the past and present star players to build your NBA final team. Use your dream team through your personal NBA season and compete with other players who match the rankings or play with friends in friendly games.

In the season mode and / or ranking the progress of the tournament to unlock bigger and better rewards, including items that include collections, such as rare, skilled players and improve your team’s lineup. If you want to get more excellent players, then you can https://www.onlinegameshop.com/nba-live-mobile/nba-live-mobile-coins get a lot of gold to buy Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins.The customer is the most important part of the business,this is my most valued.

As you progress and improve your level of users, unlocking new types of players lineup allows different game strategies and new ways to collect players. NBA global programs have different difficulty and reward of live events. As the difficulty increases, the reward also increases; for example, when you complete the “Global: Shooting Expert” campaign, hard four-star challenge, you will get three global collections. Medium three-star event will bring you two global collections.