Microsoft’s racing “Extreme Racing” series sought after by the players, especially in the Xbox platform can always usher in hot, and “extreme racing: Horizon 3 (Forza Horizon 3)” also received a very good Results. According to Microsoft’s latest data, “extreme racing” series of total sales have exceeded one billion US dollars mark.

“From the start-up of the game, the” Extreme Racing “series is dedicated to bringing amazing images to the players, realistic game engines, and excellent game play and playability,” said Phil Spencer, a Microsoft Xbox expert, Turn 10 Studios also made the largest racing game player group in the “Extreme Racing” series, and this success is enough to make us feel proud.

Please start with the most basic LFS, you have to go to the SRFC registration ID, and then register the driver’s center ID. The next is a few months, long years of driving license to obtain, that is, you have to get at least the primary driver’s license this ticket. But before you get the driver’s license you can go to buy Forza Horizon 3 Credits get a surprising luxury car so that you quickly get a driver’s license, quickly through the assessment.

Under the new rules, the driver ‘s license is getting harder and harder to get out …

Assessment Guidance:

The first lap: start, follow the front car. In the first bend with the second bend, it is forbidden to go beyond any vehicle. After entering the big straight, beyond the AI ​​2, must be in the fourth bend before the transcendence. Followed by AI 1, but can not go beyond, nor can it be overtaken by AI 2.

The second lap: keep the second position until the second lap is completed.

The third lap: keep the second position before entering the big straight. After entering the big straight, simulate the blue flag situation, must be in the next corner before the AI ​​2 security beyond (at the latest in the brakes before the AI ​​2 head more than the front of the reference). Then enter the “overtaking simulation 1” at the end of the large straight line, into the right side of the runway divided by the white line, forbidden to enter the left lane, to prohibit the white line in the middle of the track until the end of the third lap.

The fourth lap: at the end of the big straight into the “overtaking simulation 2”, into the white line by the left side of the runway, prohibited into the right lane, banned the middle of the white line, until the end of the fourth lap. Last red line. Completion of the total time, XFG shall not exceed 6: 50.00, XRG shall not exceed 6: 46.00

Assessment of content analysis:

1. The first lap of the first bend is strictly prohibited overtaking, training drivers of the safety of quality and braking capacity, lower in the race, due to the brake too late lead to the probability of a series of accidents.

2. big straight overtaking, training drivers out of the bend ability, followed by the car, by the wake to do beyond. While training drivers in the car after catching or side by side in the case of braking capacity and adaptability.

3. Maintain the current position ranking, training the driver’s ability to follow the car and the safety of quality. The track is not all places are suitable to do beyond, improper transcendence will only cause danger, then follow the car can reflect the quality of all aspects of the driver.

4. Simulation of the blue flag situation, each driver must understand the rules, training drivers quickly and safely let the car through.
5. Overtake simulation, training drivers in the corner of the competition when the safety awareness and the correct way of overtaking, at any time to leave space for each other. Due to AI’s intelligent restrictions, can not do with their overtaking action (AI basic ignore the driver’s alignment), so the use of crossed the track, simulation in the two cars and into the corner when the situation.