Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The main game of the whole platform free and team-based game play, the player can be free on PS4, Xbox One, PC Origin platform download games.

“Apex Legends” swept the entire game circle with lightning speed. The number of players registered exceeded 1 million in 8 hours, 2.5 million in 48 hours, and the peak number of online users reached 600,000. “Apex Legends” was officially released 24 hours before the release. There is only a simple social media campaign. It can be said that the number of players is entirely supported by word of mouth.

“Apex Legends” is a big escape game based on the “Ttantan” world view background. This feature is not a single, double or four row, but only “three rows” of 3 people team game play, a total of 20 The team of 60 people picked up resources on an island and fired their shots in a first-person perspective, fighting to the last team.

The biggest feature of Apex Legends is that each character has its own special skills. At present, there are 8 characters to choose from, and each character has its own special positioning and skills. Therefore, in addition to picking up firearms on the island, 3 digits. How players use their skills to match each other is also the key to success.

At present, the game has released a total of 8 roles, the following is a role introduction.

● Role positioning: holographic imaging technician

● Passive skill: [Encore!] automatically sends a bait image and knocks it off for 5 seconds when it is knocked down.

● Active Skills: [Psyche Out] Sends a holographic image bait to enchant the enemy.

● Big move: [Vanishing Act] deploys the team’s projections in the Mirage stealth cloak state to lead the enemy

● Role positioning: poison trappers

● Passive skills: [Nox Vision] When the enemy passes through your gas, you can gain a threat

● Active skill: [Nox Gas Trap] arranges up to 6 gas gas, which can be started by shooting or enemy approaching

● Big move: [Nox Gas Grenade] to make a large gas area with grenades

● Role positioning: professional mercenaries

● Passive skills: [Doubletime] In the sprint, you can make a short-term increase in speed.

● Active skill: [Smoke launcher] launch high-pressure gas tank, which will explode after impact and produce a smoke wall

● Big move: [Rolling Thunder] call anti-aircraft gun support, slowly bombing the area in front of you

● Role positioning: Dimension Raider

● Passive skills: [Voices from the Void] You can hear “sound” when the danger is close

● Active skills: [Into the Void] Re-move your position to a safe area and avoid all damage

● Big move: [Dimensional Rift] manufactures the portal to connect two positions for 60 seconds.

● Role positioning: forward

● Passive skills: [Insider Knowledge] displays the position information of the arena by scanning the beacons

● Active skills: [Grappling Hook] uses the claw hook to move quickly

● Big move: [Zipline Gun] Make a steel rope with a rope gun for anyone to use

● Role positioning: combat medics

● Passive skills: [Combat Medic] can resurrect the knocked down teammates faster and have shield protection. 25% faster use of healing items

● Active skills: [DOC Heal Drone] DOC drones can be treated in the area for a while

● Big move: [Care Package] call airdrop to obtain high quality protective equipment

● Role positioning: holding shield barriers

● Passive skills: [Gun Shield] arranging a gun shield in front of the eyes to resist the fire

● Active skills: [Dome of Protection] arranging a round shield to resist the attack for 15 seconds

● Big move: [Defensive Bombardment] Call a mortar to bomb your designated location

● Role positioning: mechanic tracker

● Passive skills: [Tracker] You can find clues left by the enemy

● Active skills: [Eye of the Allfather] briefly exposes the enemy’s position and reveals the intelligence of the building in front of you.

● Big move: [Beast of the Hunt] turned into the ultimate hunter. Enhance your perception so you can see cold footprints and move faster.

Apex Legends is free-to-play and supported through microtransactions, giving the player the opportunity to customize their selected character through numerous cosmetic items for Legends and weapons, voice lines, and in-game banners. New cosmetic items can be earned from opening Apex Legends Packs, the game’s version of loot boxes that contain a random assortment of rewards, or spending the in-game currency Crafting Materials, which are gained through Apex Legends Packs. Apex Legends Packs are freely earned as the player gains experience levels. Additionally, players freely gain Legend Tokens for playing matches as well as for leveling, which are used to unlock new Legends and certain cosmetic items. A final currency, Apex Legends Coins, is bought with real-world funds and can be used to buy Apex Legends Packs, unlock Legends, or purchase specific cosmetics.Respawn plans to offer battle passes in the game’s future which reward players with new seasonal cosmetic items by completing in-game challenges.

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As far as the current evaluation is concerned, “APEX Legends” feels quite good in the picture, game play and optimization, and the game will launch more new characters in the future. Of course, players can also customize their character appearance like Fortnite. Respawn’s long-term, patient, meticulous production and testing, compared to other “eat chicken” games when the line was cautious and stumbling, “Apex Legends” has been fully prepared as soon as it appears, virtually increasing the player’s game and The goodwill of the production team and the distribution company. After all, we have not seen a large multiplayer online game for many years without experiencing the “real machine demonstration”, “closed A test” and “open B test”, which are directly listed and meet the players. And the degree of completion is almost perfect.