Avengers Endgame’s Partnership With Epic Arrives This Week

The long-awaited Avengers Endgame will be premiered on April 25 this Thursday. Seeing the popularity of it, the developer Epic Games have released a picture of a Fortnite character wielding Captain America’s shield along with the tagline “Whatever it takes, 4.25.19, FortniteXAvengers” on all of their social media accounts, which hints the players about the partnership with Avengers. The detail has not yet revealed, but it is possible that we could see some in-game skins of Avengers.

It is not the first time for Fortnite’s cooperation with Avengers franchise. Last year, Marvel brought Thanos to the battle royale game with a limited time mode that let players take on the role of the galaxy-conquering villain. It seems like we’ll see a similar limited time event this time around that’s possibly based around Captain America’s shield.

In addition to the forthcoming Avengers content, the game’s map is also undergoing changes as a series of strange alien runes steadily make their way across the island. Meanwhile, the competitive community is gearing up for the upcoming World Cup in July, which will include both battle royale and creative competitions.

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