Animal Crossing New Horizons September Update

In the first month of Autumn, what new changes and items that come to Animal Crossing: New Horizons for players to expect? Here is the new content in ACNH September Update, which features new acrons, bushes, seasonal items, critters, weeds and Nooks Granny shop update, and more!

1. Acorns & Pine Cones – Seasonal DIY Recipes & Items
From September 1st, New seasonal crafting material such as Acorns and Pine Cones that can be found in trees all around our islands
Much like other crafting materials, there’s a whole bunch of seasonal items to craft using acorns and pin cones

2. Bushes Changes
The trees and the grass begin to change to warmer and more cozy autumn and fall colors
In September the red and yellow hibiscus bushes stop flowering in northern hemisphere
Tea olives now become less boring as they’re the ones blooming instead in northern hemisphere

3. ACNH September Seasonal Limited-Time Items
New limited time items to the game in September
From September 1st, the grape harvest basket will be available to buy from the nook stop or shopping app
Moon rug to help celebrate moon viewing day in October, actually becomes available from September 7th

4. ACNH September New Critters
A huge shift in the type of critters that we can encounter
In the northern hemisphere, we’ll be able to find things like pikes cherry salmons and golden trouts.
Most significantly September marks the start of the rare river fish season

5. Weeds Changes In September
Weeds will be less weedy more flowery and sprout long blades of fluffy grass
Weeds will look more autumn-like and amazing blowing in the wind

6. ACNH Nooks Granny Changes In September
Nooks Cranny’s Decorations For The Seasonal Holiday
New Seasonal Items Will Be on Sale

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