Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Unlock Hello Kitty Items

Animal Crossing is having a Hello Kitty crossover experience. This guide will show players how to obtain the latest Sanrio amiibo items.

Animal Crossing will be having some new Hello Kitty items. This guide will show players how to collect the Sanrio amiibo and why they may want to do so. Crossover events with other famous properties are common in Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing marked the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario series earlier this month by adding new items and costumes for players to buy. Animal Crossing is now hosting a special crossover event with Hello Kitty, one of the world’s most successful multi-media franchises. This guide will teach players how to take advantage of this event and collect all of the new items it has to offer.

The trailer for the game’s costumes and items didn’t say how they’ll be distributed, but there was an incident with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. MEOW coupons may be used to buy any of these items in that game. MEOW vouchers will be eligible again in this scenario, or players will be able to use Nook Miles Ticket. Furthermore, the game is compatible with Sanrio amiibo, which can be used to add new villagers to the game. Players would want this since it is the first time since the game’s release that new villagers have been introduced. Here’s how players should go about obtaining all of it.

Animal Crossing Hello Kitty Sanrio Amiibo Event

For instance, on March 26th, the Sanrio amiibo card pack will be available exclusively at Target stores. Each of the new villagers will have six cards in this box, which will cost about $6 USD. It’s also worth mentioning that, since these items are likely to be popular with scalpers, you should pay careful attention to your local retailers for these items. It is unclear how the game can deliver the item to its participants, but it is likely to be via the Resident Hall’s mailing system. After scanning this amiibo, players can order things such as a Hello Kitty poster.

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