Animal Crossing: Inviting Rover to move in

This May Day, Rover brings some new content with him, including the completion prize Rover’s Photo – but only if players have already completed Animal Crossing’s May Day 2020 event; otherwise, they will receive his briefcase furniture piece. The reward will be sent to the player’s mailbox the day after the hedge maze is finished, just like last year.

While players can speak to Rover once more when they find him at the end of the hedge maze, he won’t say anything else besides offering up this year’s reward. He can’t be asked to step onto the player’s Animal Crossing island, for example. Rover’s popularity as a regular traveler in the franchise suggests that convincing him to settle down isn’t going to happen anytime soon, but it’s unclear if he’ll appear during another case or as a surprise guest Animal Crossing villager in the future.

Rover hasn’t made another appearance in Animal Crossing: New Horizons between this May Day and the last, though his amiibo can be scanned to buy his poster. If players want to invite Rover to their campsite, they will be informed that he is busy on another island far away. Rover will almost certainly remain a special character who only appears during events for the near future. May Day in 2021 will be done until May 7th, after which players will have to wait until the next year to participate.

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