ACNH Toy Day Present Guide – the way to Get Jingles Series Items & Rewards?

The winter update is confirmed to launch on November 19, with the announcement of Turkey Day and Toy Day, also as a series of changes and adjustments within the game. Toy Day may be a typical Animal Crossing event for Christmas celebration, will return to New Horizons also. almost like previous games, Jingle will visit your island on Toy Day, and invite players to deliver villager presents sort of a Santa. But if you would like to urge all the Jingle’s rewards, you would like to offer the proper gift to villagers. There are some things to notice for the ACNH Toy Day villager gift, especially for brand spanking new AC players.

Meet Jingle on Toy Day

On Toy Day, the event will begin at a while of that day, maybe at 6 PM, remember to wear an entire set of Santa outfit and find Jingle, he will offer you a magical Santa bag which contains all the presents you would like to deliver, the subsequent thing you would like to try to do is to speak to every villager and pick the right gift from the bag, then send this to the villager. Deliver all this to correct villagers and talk back to Jingle, you’ll receive a gift from Jingle and doubtless a photograph of Jingle on a subsequent day. The Jingle series may be a collection of furniture including Jingle Bed, Jingle Shelves, Jingle Piano, Jingle Dresser, Jingle Table, Jingle Wardrobe, Jingle Sofa, Jingle Lamp, Jingle Clock, and Jingle TV.

Talk together with your villagers

Before the festival comes, the preparation you’ll bring Toy Day is to understand more about what your villagers want for Toy Day. once you updated the sport to the newest version (1.6.0), in December, start to steer round the island and ask your animal friends often, they’ll offer you hints about the colors or other features of the item they need, remember what they said.

Dress up as Santa

In the trailer of the ACNH free winter update, we will see a player who wears an entire set of Santa clothes talking with Jingle and help him deliver the presents for villagers. to organize for the Toy Day, you’d better buy the Santa costumes once it’s available within the game, in New Leaf, there are Santa Coat, Santa Pants, Santa Hat, Santa Beard, and Santa Boosts are often purchased with Animal Crossing bells in Able Sisters and Kicks. In New Horizons, the design and sort of Santa clothes could also be different, but you continue to got to dress like Santa Claus.

The following list is Animal Crossing Items your villager wants to get.

• Red: Executive Toy
• Blue: Elephant Slide
• Green: Tennis Table
• Brown: Foosball Table
• Yellow: Bingo Wheel
• White: Bowling Pins
• Gray: Mini Circuit
• Colorful: Colorful Wheel

• Colorful: Candy Jar
• Brown: Box of chocolates
• Orange: An orange
• Green: A pear
• Yellow: A banana
• Pink: A peach
• Gray: lunch tray
• Red: An apple

• Blue: Blue Wall
• Brown: Exotic Wall
• Aqua: Backyard Fence
• Colorful: Kiddie Wall
• Orange: Astro Wall
• Gray: Concrete Wall
• Yellow: Cheese Wall
• Beige: Pawprint Wall
• Black: Sleek Wall
• Green: Green Wall
• White: Modern Screen
• Pink: Lovely Wall

• Aqua: Blue Dot Parasol
• Blue: Blue Umbrella
• Red: Red Umbrella
• Pink: Candy Umbrella
• Yellow: Yellow Umbrella
• Black: Bat Umbrella
• Colorful: Gelato Umbrella
• Green: Leaf Umbrella
• Orange: Maple Umbrella
• White: Lacy Parasol

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