In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, does the museum’s exterior annoy you? Is it a source of boredom for you? Are you resigned to the idea that your island will be home to an unsightly structure? So, today we’re going to assist you, and hopefully, this guide will resolve your problems. Let’s take a look at the three best ACNH museum exterior design ideas; we’ll tell you everything you need to know and show you how to do it.

Tom Nook requires five fish or bugs to unlock the museum in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Blathers will call Nook and hand over Blathers’ Tent to you. Place the tent anywhere you’d like it to be. By the next day, the tent will be ready, and Blathers will be able to move in. As a reward for their shenanigans, give Blathers 15 Bugs or Fishes. The Museum will be built in two days. You can alter the appearance of your museum’s exterior. It only takes a little imagination and a few ACNH materials to turn something into something even cuter. It’s all about being inventive in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Museum Design 1

Go for a more ancient slash-destroyed feel for the first museum. Two castle walls, one castle gate, two pine bonsai trees, one destroyed arch, and two damaged decorative pillars are required to construct this museum entry. It’s quite simple to make! The first step is to lay down your castle walls, ensuring that they are aligned with the museum’s edge, and then repeat on the left and right sides. You must place your castle gate in the middle. This will not perfectly align with the cast walls, but that’s okay because we have a way to make it seem better.

Museum Design 2

Next, we’ll show you how to employ pagolas to conceal the museum entranceway. These are excellent items. Four simple panels, two pergolas, two circular street lamps, two bunny topiary, and four plant dividers are required to complete this project. We’ll begin by placing some of the simple panels in front of the museum’s pillars; you don’t want them directly in front of the pillars. You just want them a little to the side. As a result, we have enough place for the pergolas. You can use any custom designs you like, such as some attractive tiles for the floor or an in-game walkway.

Museum Design 3

Turning your museum into a library is a great idea. So what you’re going to do is set up a bookstore outdoors. Two wooden bookshelves, two covered counters, two round topiaries, two ornamental pillars, two-holiday candles, one plain party light, one stack of books, one antique cash register, one strapped book, and one book stand are all needed to construct this area. The first step in creating this space is to place your wooden bookshelves on the floor. Choose a dark color that will conjure up images of a somber academic setting. Then add your covered counters and push them up against your museum.

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How quickly time goes! We’re on our way to Rocket League Season 7, so what can you anticipate this time around? Rocket League Season 7 leaks are discussed here, including the release date, theme, rewards, events, and more.

Soon, the first official Rocket League Season 7 content will be released. According to a discussion from earlier in the season, the utilization of drops, blueprints, and credits in Rocket League can have a variety of default options. Season 7 will see a change in this area. We’ve already learned a lot about the products, blueprints, events, and so much more that will be available in Rocket League Season 7.

Release Date

Season 6 will wrap off on June 15, 2022. Season 7 is expected to be released on the same day as Season 6, despite the fact that the release date has not been confirmed.

Rocket League Season 7 Theme

If you recall, there was an image in the files of a blueprint series far before Season 6. Season 6 had a cartoon comic theme to it. The blueprint also reveals the theme of the like army and a star badge, according to Rocket League Season 7 leaks. We’ve never seen an army theme before, so we’re not too sure. Rocket League is collaborating with epic games like Fortnight. Perhaps they’re hinting at something with a brand new Fortnight season, which includes tanks, army wars, and more. There have been a variety of cars in the game files and mods that might be used to depict that type of theme.

Events And Rewards

This year’s anniversary event on Rocket League Season 7 will feature golden eggs, which is fantastic news. Because we were disappointed last year when we did not receive golden eggs as part of an anniversary celebration. However, they have now returned all of the golden crates, and MarkRoss has found an image in the game files that is identical to the standard golden egg image. However, the file name includes the word 2022, indicating that they have a golden egg for 2022.

The anniversary golden egg appears to be an ideal opportunity to do so. Golden eggs will be back around July 7th, which is when the anniversary events take place, so expect them around the end of June or the beginning of July, which is ideal because it’ll be just after the new season begins.

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In Rocket League, obtaining Rocket League credits is simple and quick. Furthermore, there are many ways of obtaining credits. These credits can be used to buy new skins and other items that can be customized. Here’s how to get Rocket League credits.

Microtransactions are the most convenient way to earn credits. One dollar is approximately equal to 100 credits. The in-game shop is where players can buy credits. The smallest amount of credits that you can buy is 500. The max amount you can buy from the shop is 6500.

How to Get Credits in Rocket League

Credits can also be obtained by trading items. It is not possible to convert stuff into credits. You can, however, swap your stuff for credits with other players. Because players must possess the items, this is a little more challenging. Now, there are many online stores that support Rocket League trading services. If you have sufficient funds, you might as well give it a try.

There are two different types of credits available to gamers. Esports credits are one of them. Only the esports shop accepts esports credits. Microtransactions are the only way to get these credits. Tournament credits are the other type of credit you can acquire. Only by participating in the daily tournaments can you gain tournament credits. The more credits a player earns, the further they advance in the tournament.

For more detailed information about how to get RL Credits, you can just read the Rocket League credits guide.

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Summer months in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be long and boring, but players can organize non-official activities and get-togethers to pass the time. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now in its third year, and it has mostly recycled events from prior years. This has included a frustrating lack of fresh events to fill extended stretches of idle time in the game, making certain times of the year less appealing to play. Unfortunately, this covers most of the summer, with the months of June to October is particularly devoid of content.

While the dearth of summer events in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be irritating, many players have already experienced the dry period that occurred last summer, when large-scale upgrades ceased arriving around new events after May. As a result, many players choose to organize one-of-a-kind island parties or use New Horizons’ multiplayer function to celebrate the few activities that are repeated, such as Fireworks Shows. This provided a frequent opportunity for New Horizons supporters to communicate and show off new island designs and projects that had been completed throughout the summer.

However, New Horizons fans may be seeking a new way to spend the summer with their pals this year, and weekly camping trip celebrations could be the ideal solution. Players may create cute campground designs to share and hold camping activities on the same nights as New Horizons’ Fireworks Shows. The players invited to the camping excursion might travel to a host island and bring various homemade treats to give to each of the campers, similar to birthday parties or other celebrations. Activities such as a flower exchange, fishing expedition, or a nature hike across the host’s island destinations could also be scheduled ahead of time.

Players could also choose adorable themes for each New Horizons camping trip, providing opportunities for creative decorating. The host’s island may have nice sitting places and cosy areas to see the stars, while guests could arrive in their favorite sleepwear with hot drinks. On New Horizons’ meteor shower nights, a space theme might be set, with campers wishing on stars while sharing their favorite Zodiac and Star Fragment DIY creations with one another. Players could also outfit their avatars in apparel that corresponded to their zodiac sign, turning the camping trip into a fun costume party.

In addition, for individuals considering a fresh start, summer could be the ideal time to reset a New Horizons account. Friends who come to visit could bring decorations and DIY recipes as gifts, and the untamed and unspoiled topography of the early New Horizons islands could be the ideal site for camping vacations. While the multiplayer mode in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is still immature, it can be a fantastic opportunity to organize community events and build gameplay that suits the interests and needs of players, providing choices that may never be introduced in future updates.

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The first event of the new year has arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. On January 8, the game’s Fishing Tourney will return, offering you another chance to earn trophies and other special prizes. Everything you need to know about the event is listed here.

How does the  Fishing Tourney event work?

While the Fishing Tourney has been a fixture of the Animal Crossing series since the first game, it works a little differently in New Horizons than it has in previous installments. To enter the competition, first, speak with C.J. in the plaza of your town. You’ll have three minutes to catch as many fish as you can after paying a minor registration fee of 500 Animal crossing bells. By the way, If you don’t have enough bells, LOLGA would solve your problem, now is selling cheap ACNH Bells.

Return to C.J. when the time has passed, and he will total up your points based on how many fish you were able to capture. You’ll get one point for each fish you catch, with extra points awarded if you catch three or more before the timer runs out.

You can redeem your points for exclusive C.J. fish-themed items like a tackle bag and a fish umbrella. If you reach specific point milestones, you’ll be awarded a special trophy. You can enter the tournament as many times as you like until it closes at 6 p.m.

Fishing Tourney event Prizes

C.J. will reward you with a special fish-themed item for every 10 points you win outside of the Fishing Tourney. You won’t be able to choose which item to spend your points on because they’ll be distributed at random, but you’ll get one of each before C.J. starts to give you duplicates. The following is the complete list of prizes:

• Anchor statue

• Fish door plate

• Fish-drying rack

• Fish pochette

• Fish-print tee

• Fishing rod stand

• Fish rug

• Fish umbrella

• Fish wand

• Fresh cooler

• Marine pop wall

• Tackle bag

When you reach certain point milestones, you’ll also receive a special fishing trophy, as previously mentioned. Here is a list of all the trophies and how many points you’ll need to get them:

• Bronze Fish Trophy (mailed to your house after amassing 100 points)

• Silver Fish Trophy (mailed to your house after amassing 200 points)

• Gold Fish Trophy (mailed to your house after amassing 300 points)

Some Fishing Tourney tips for you

While you can enter the Fishing Tourney on your own, you’ll be considerably more effective if you team up with a friend. At the end of the game, the amount of fish caught by each player will be totaled together, making it much easier to rack up points and win rewards.

It’s also a good idea to plan ahead of time for the Fishing Tourney by making a lot of bait. Instead of having to run around your island looking for fish spawns, you can simply camp out and fish in one location using this bait. C.J. will also buy any fish you catch for the same higher price he pays when he visits your island, making this a fantastic opportunity to earn some extra bells.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons celebrates spring in full bloom with all of the new events for players to enjoy during the month of May. The island has been transformed with a plethora of colors and fruit, which players will be able to interact with while participating in various activities to earn great prizes.

Every month, Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduces new events and entertaining puzzles, which are liked by both long-time and innovative players since it keeps the gameplay fresh and new. Some of the events, like May, may be repeated from the previous spring, but they are a wonderful way for players to gain prizes and recipes that they can utilize in the game.

Mother’s Day Event

Players can celebrate Mother’s Day all month long with a Nook Shopping seasonal event. Mother’s Day is traditionally observed on the second Sunday in May, but in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can celebrate it all month long.

For the occasion of Mother’s Day, players will be able to purchase a Thank You Mom mug from the Nook Shopping store, which they may display around their home. This is a limited-edition item available for 600 Bells only for the month of May, so get it before the event ends.

International Museum Day

Beginning on May 18th, players in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be able to participate in the International Museum Day event, which will be held in the Museum on the island, which Nintendo constructed to present historical exhibits. The players can do specific tasks in order to acquire stamps and learn more about the artifacts on display.

This event, led by NPC curator Blathers, will last until the end of the month, so make sure to finish the stamp card collecting activities before then. To begin the quest, simply make sure that the Museum is already erected on your island before the event begins on May 18th.

Following the conclusion of the May events, players will be able to participate in smaller events throughout the summer, leading up to the main Animal Crossing Halloween event in the fall.

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Lost Ark is a long-running MMO that, upon its Western release, is breaking concurrent player count records on Steam. In North America, players are flocking to the game, and buyers hoping for an edge are buying Lost Ark gold to get to the end game as quickly as possible. Many MMO enthusiasts who are looking for a new release in a genre that has been increasingly boring in recent years will find a new experience in this game. The huge world of Lost Ark, filled with missions, dungeons, and immense oceans, provides that new experience.

What can Lost Ark Gold be used for?

In Lost Ark, gold is a valuable commodity. Gold is required to improve equipment, skills, and purchase consumables, among other gold sinks. Players must grind for hours in order to obtain the requisite amount of gold. It may be taxing, whether you’re buying a fancy new weapon or a few potions. One of the main reasons marketplaces for Lost Ark exist is to allow players to get away from the tedious grind and focus on the more enjoyable parts of the game, such as exploring Arkesia and killing demons.

How to get Lost Ark Gold in game?

We have summarized the following methods for players, check it out.

1. Completing your daily and weekly tasks to earn Una Tokens, which you can then exchange for gold.

2. Make items out of resources acquired from everyday life and sell them at the auction house.

3. Completing chaos dungeons will net your valuables that you may sell at the auction house.

4. Craft and sell accessories.

5. You can earn gold by completing voyage missions.

Farming gold in Lost Ark on your own is hard, it takes a lot of time and patience to progress, which can be frustrating for most players. But you can just buy it from some online trading website, like LOLGA, a store where you can buy Lost Ark gold and save a ton of time by not having to grind and repeat tedious tasks in order to obtain your gold, enhancing your adventure and complementing your gameplay.

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The most expensive items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, especially those added in the 2.0 update, make an impression.

One of the most enjoyable parts of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the opportunity for players to customize their gaming experience, whether it’s in terms of their character’s appearance, the structure of their island, or the way the interior and exterior spaces are furnished.

However, in some cases, this personalization might cost players a significant number of Bells, as some highly sought-after items are not inexpensive. Many of the former most expensive products in the game were superseded by new expensive items as the 2.0 update made over 9,000 new items available for purchase, each providing gamers the option to add a touch of luxury to their island experience.

Today we are going to list you some expensive items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, if you wanna collect these things, you probably need to keep a lot of ACNH bells in your pocket. By the way, if you wanna save time to get these items, you can check our website LOLGA.COM, not only a game information website, LOLGA also support Animal Crossing Items trading service, if you are choosing a good place to buy Animal Crossing bells for collecting these expensive items, LOLGA would be your best option. Now, here we go.

TOP 5 Most expensive items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

5. Yacht(cost 260,000 Bells)

The Yacht is an item introduced with the 2.0 update that can be purchased through Nook Shopping’s daily selection of items and is an ideal method to embellish bare stretches of beach that could use some livening up.

The Yacht may be sent to Cyrus for color customization, with six different possibilities available, but it can also be customized by players, who can add a logo to one side. Whatever decisions are made, having a Yacht is an item that makes a lot of sense for those who live on an island.

4. Luxury Car (cost 300,000 Bells) 

The Luxury Car, another 2.0 update item, may be found in Nook Shopping’s daily selection. Cyrus may personalize it in seven different colors, each of which has an expensive feel.

Despite the untidy state of New Horizons’ islands upon arrival, some players choose to turn their property into a thriving village or city. The luxury automobile is a great addition to such themed islands, and it gives the region a more modern feel.

3. Throne (cost 800,000 Bells)

The New Horizons Throne, which costs 720,000 Pokis and can be purchased in Nook’s Cranny or Paradise Planning, debuted with the 2.0 update and has a price that reflects its status as a royal throne. The Throne’s structure and upholstery color can both be changed.

Purchasing items with Pokis, which players earn as they complete home designs, is one of the best things to do in the Happy Home Paradise DLC. Because the Throne is the most expensive furniture piece in New Horizons, players will need all of the assistance they can get in order to obtain it.

2. Crown (cost 1 Million Bells) 

Despite some negative opinions of Animal Crossing, the series continues to be immensely successful, thanks in part to the inclusion of pricey items that offer players something to strive for.

The Crown is one among these artifacts, and it can be purchased from the Able Sisters for a whopping 1 million Bells. Despite the fact that it only comes in one hue, the Crown can add a touch of luxury to every outfit. Although its cost may appear exorbitant to beginners, gradual progress in the game can lead to the acquisition of this honorable equipment.

1. Royal Crown (cost 1.2Million Bells) 

The Royal Crown is the most expensive item in New Horizons, costing 1.2 million Bells in addition to the regular Crown.

The Royal Crown is available for purchase in the Able Sisters, and it appears to be a victorious piece, suggesting that those who wear it have a high level of dedication to the game to be able to spend so many bells on a single headwear item.

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