There is a multitude of ways of doing it for NBA 2K21 players out there looking for buckets. Play smart, increase your attributes, unlock badges for shooting, and set your hot zones as well.
What do hot zones mean? One of the unique spots on the court from which the player can shoot is the hot zones. It becomes a hot zone when a player hits multiple shots in that zone. But if you’re chucking and missing out of that place, it’s becoming a cold zone.

You get a boost to your overall shot proportion when you fire from hot zones. The percentage is determined by the timing of your release, the amount of protection you face, the strength of the shot, your shooting characteristics, and your badges.

The team at NBA 2K Labs checked hot zones in 2K21 and found that shooting in a hot zone adds a big boost with good shot timing compared to the one that’s natural. For players with a good shooting attribute near 90, if the shot timing is off, they also get a boost. By contrast, when shooting in a cold zone, the shot percentage falls.

So how are you going to make your zones hot? Well, to put it plainly, you have to hit your shots. Your zones are determined by the most recent 25 games for your player, and by looking at the hot zones tab on a player’s card, you can see your current zone status. It is going to be rough sledding with a smaller margin for error for lower-attribute teams.

A better shooter is the best thing you can do to improve your hot zones. This means taking open shots, nailing your launches, enhancing your features, and having the best badges for shooting. Equip your Hot Zone Hunter badge after you develop your hot zones to get an even bigger boost from them.

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The latest patch for Path of Exile brings a small chunk of fixes which should make your experience a tad more enjoyable.

Remember, in order to see these improvements, you will need to reboot your client. This patch 3.13.1d applies to the Invites from Maven, which will now inform you which bosses were experienced. Furthermore, loading has seen an enhancement. Once you display fullscreen UI tables, textures won’t reload either. Some bug fixes are also included in the patch, including:

• Fixed a bug where the Alternate Quality effect on Anomalous Golem gems wasn’t working correctly.
• Fixed a bug where the Guardian’s Aid Atlas Passive node could sometimes fail to activate.
• Fixed a visual bug where Zana’s Map Device modifiers weren’t displayed in the list of map modifiers after entering a map.
• Fixed a bug where the Alternate Quality effect on the Phantasmal Earthquake gem wasn’t working correctly.
• Fixed a visual bug introduced with 3.13.1c that could occur when hovering over amulets and cluster jewels.

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The Ravens boast a 86 defense, which isn’t even the best-rated defense within the game. Both the 49ers and Bears have higher-rated defenses than the Ravens, yet they do not have better playbooks.

Patrick Queen may be a top linebacker within the league, and therefore the Ravens playbook uses him perfectly. they need the right scheme to use him as both a blitzer and in-man coverage.

Zone defense is usually utilized in online games, but the Ravens playbook implements man coverage fairly often. Their man coverage works alright due to their great safety play.

The safeties and linebackers ability to hide receivers and tight ends leave the team to blitz while in man coverage. An especially good blitz option from their playbook is that the cornerback blitz. If the opponent doesn’t do a fast slant or short route, it’ll be a sack or a loss of yards if it is a run play.

The Ravens have far and away from the simplest defensive playbook on the sport. They even have great players altogether phases of the defense which makes it very hard to attain on them.

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For the month of February 2021, NBA 2K21 has new Locker Codes available. For the month and how to assert it, this guide will include any active code.

For NBA 2K21, a new month means new Locker Codes. For February 2021, this guide will display all the Locker Codes open. Now that we’re a few months into NBA 2K21’s lifetime, the game has been the benchmark basketball simulator for many years now. Locker Codes are an efficient way for developers to award free additional content to game fans. Via these Locker Codes, there are hundreds of different collectible cards and things players can find. These codes come and go for how long they are involved, though. Here are the active codes in NBA 2K21 for February 2021.

The easiest way to stay on top of things is by keeping track of the NBA 2K21 social media accounts, as the game’s Locker Codes are only available for a short time. Usually, along with their release dates, they announce Locker Codes ahead of time. If players aren’t good enough, these codes will often only last a single day. It is a device in play to provide a sense of urgency to players while playing the game. They will be either reactivated at a later time or totally deleted from the game until those codes are gone. For February 2021, here are the active codes.

All Active Locker Codes In NBA 2K21 (February 2021)

From the main menu, head to the MyTeam tab and pick Extras. Here, players can input their Locker Codes. At present, only one code for the month of February is available. Before it expires, make sure to collect it.

PD-BEAL-THROWBACK – Throwback Moments SE Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or Tokens. (Expires on February 1st)
Given that this code ends at the very beginning of the month, more codes are extremely likely to follow suit. The best way to keep track of the codes, as mentioned, is by following the social media pages of the game.

Not just that, but NBA 2K21 often deals exclusively with the game’s popular content creators. They may be given the chance to claim free gear and items for viewers of their stream. It’s nice to see a massive developer like 2K Sports with free content supporting its community. The creators of content themselves are a gateway between the consumer and the manufacturer. Hopefully, this mentality will be adopted by more developers moving forward. It is an incredibly healthy process that benefits all involved. As the month progresses, more codes will be available.

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The fun tradition of including All-Time teams is continued by NBA 2K21, and here’s a look at the strongest groupings of the bunch.
Since its launch in NBA 2K18, All-Time teams, whether online or offline, have become some of the most fun teams to use in Play Now. The feature was introduced to next-gen consoles by NBA 2K21, with slight updates to the bottom of their rosters.

Today we list the Top 3 Strongest ALL-TIME Teams, let’s check it out.

NO 3. Golden State Warriors

When you’ve got some of the most dominant players you’ve ever had, and one of the greatest dynasties you’ve ever had, that will most likely be seen on the All-Time roster. Wilt Chamberlain and Stephen Curry, the Warriors’ two greatest stars, had some of the craziest NBA seasons in history, and that reflects how overwhelmed they are in 2K, with Wilt being invincible inside, and Curry being automatic from three-point range, even off the dribble.
From 1975 Finals MVP Rick Barry to all three of Run T.M.C. in Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, and Chris Mullin, to the We Believe catalysts Baron Davis and Jason Richardson, to the other members of the “death lineup” of the 2010s: Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Andre Iguodala, there’s even more talent beside them. No definition can do justice to how good this squad is.

NO 2. Boston Celtics

For as long as the Celtics have, no team has been as consistently amazing, so it’s only natural that their 2K21 All-Time team has quite a couple of legends. By being led by the winningest athlete in NBA history and potentially any sport, Bill Russell, alone, they have ample defensive presence. Offensively, with Larry Bird, Bob Cousy, and John Havlicek being both strong scorers and playmakers and Kevin McHale and Dave Cowens being inside threats, the C’s can strike from anywhere.
In spite of the long history of the franchise, the younger players still get some shine on the All-Time roster. The key faces of one of the greatest super-teams of the modern NBA, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen, all play enormous roles in this squad, as does the group’s facilitator, Rajon Rondo.

NO 1. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are so packed, the clear-cut best of all the All-Time players, that they should have LeBron James, who is a Laker at the moment and still going high, come off the bench. That’s because their starting five consists of players who dominated and invested their bonuses in Los Angeles. They have two of the greatest men of all time in the front courtyard: Shaquille O’Neal and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who spent their best years and won MVP trophies in LA. They have three guards outside the perimeter who dominate in their own way: Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and Jerry West.

One might also create a worthy All-Time roster, starting with five of their bench players: LeBron James, Elgin Baylor, George Mikan, James Worthy, and Wilt Chamberlain. When the history of your franchise is chock-full of all-time greats from every era, it is a given that your All-Time 2K team is the greatest.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ next big event is coming next month. The annual spring event, Festivale, will bring colorful flair, confetti, and a carnival spirit.

On February 15, head to your island’s plaza where you’ll find Dancer Pavé. On the day of the event, you’ll be ready to catch colorful feathers floating on your island and trade them to Pavé reciprocally for a special passionate dance number.

There’s also mention of rare rainbow feathers that you’ll be ready to catch and switch into Pavé. In previous Animal Crossing games, these rainbow feathers would end in a special dance from Pavé.

In addition to the special dance, it’s also possible players will receive a special piece of furniture from the Pavé Series, as was the case in New Leaf.

Festivale also will bring new reactions, clothing, and seasonal Animal Crossing Items. You’ll be ready to purchase the Viva Festival Reaction Set from Nook’s Cranny. This includes “Feelin’ It, Let’s Go Viva and Confetti. On February 1, Festivale clothing are going to be available for purchase at the Able Sisters shop. And lastly, the Nook Stop in Resident Services will have special seasonal items like chocolate hearts and heart-shaped bouquets available from February 1 through Valentine Day.

I don’t know if social distancing remains a thing with the worldwide pandemic happening, but this might be a cute, nerdy little thanks to celebrating Valentine’s Day with some friends and not need to worry about catching COVID. Plus, who wants to fight Valentine’s Day crowds anyway?

February, of course, is additionally home to at least one of the most important sports days in America — the Super Bowl. While they can’t technically use that phrase due to copyright legality, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will have a “Big Game Celebration.”

Items associated with Groundhog Day also will be available throughout February. Groundhog Day is on Groundhog Day within us this year.

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