2021 Rocket League Frosty Fest Event has returned

Frosty Fest, Rocket League’s annual winter event, is back, with new content including winter-themed items, limited-time modes, and more.

Players will be able to participate in Frosty Fest Challenges, which will earn special festive Rocket League items such as Ring-a-Ling Wheels, the “Abominable Throwman” Player Title, new decals, and more once the Frosty Fest goes live on December 16 at 11 a.m. CT. As long as they claim it before the event ends, all players will have access to a Ski-Free Player Banner in the Item Shop.

In addition, for 1,100 Rocket League Credits, a new “Frosty Pack” item bundle will be available in the Item Shop, which will feature the following items:

• Tygris (Crimson Painted)

• Frostbite Boost (Forest Green Painted)

• Wonderment Wheels (Crimson Painted)

• Sub-Zero Goal Explosion (Forest Green Painted)

Golden Gifts are also making a comeback, with all of the challenges associated with them being accessible to complete five times. Special items from the Zephyr, Elevation and Vindicator Item Series will be unlocked if you do so.

During Frost Fest, players will be able to compete in Ranked, Casual, and Private matches in a seasonal variant of Beckwith Park. Winter Breakaway and Spike Rush are also back as featured LTMs.

Below is the Rocket League Frosty Fest 2021 Trailer. Let’s check it out.

The event, which begins on Dec. 16, will run through the remainder of 2021. So you do have enough time to enjoy this amazing event!

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