At a fundamental level, Escape Tarkov is about tense and realistic gunplay and advancement by looting. Sporting a huge selection of guns and modifications, along side a sensible ballistics model, death within the game can come quickly and painfully. Adding to the realism, weapons got to be cared for lest they wear out and jam or overheat. Similarly, players will got to tend to their own health as bones break, wounds bleed, and exhaustion sets in. this is often not a game for the timid!

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Two days ago, the developer released a new update for Escape from Tarkov. According to the official site, the patch is available now. You can see the full information from the following content.

Dogtags taken from PMCs should now have “found in raid status”. This status can be lost the same way as it is for other items.
Added prioritization of items for crafting and building in the hideout. Items without the “found in raid” status are used first, while items with the “found in raid” status will be used later.

One of the bugs causing FPS drop on interface screens
Sharpness change of shadow cascades, now the transition between different shadow rendering quality is smoother
One of the spawn bugs, when some AIs on the location could be invisible to the player
One of the bugs causing grenades explosion without sound and effects
Flea market interface bug when an infinite loading indicator appeared on top of the menu
Bug displaying blood drops effect on the screen if there is a character nearby that takes damage from barbed wire
Bug of taking damage from a barrel with fire if it is hit by another player
Bug with saving the scroll bar position when switching between merchants
Bug when the last outdated item wouldn’t disappear after error
Spamming error when extracting through car after grenade explosion
Error 1508 when adding an offer to the flea market with items added in 12.6 patch
Error.Collider.Contains Point.Get Volume By Position (or .isolatedVolumes)
Error during creation of character EXCEPTION: System.Invalid Operation Exception: Sequence contains no matching element
Some errors while loading after raid end
Various minor errors and issues

Fixes related to binaural audio:
Kicking door out sound is now less muffled
Sound of movement while crouched and on minimal speed is now more quiet
Contusion sounds are now working properly with binaural audio
Various minor bug fixes

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