WoW Classic, is a server option for the MMORPG World of Warcraft. The WoW Classic is built using the most complete, stable, and balanced patch 1.12 called Drums of War. The dungeon, raid and PvP features will be rolled out as early as World of Warcraft. Through the cycle of continuous updating and expansion, the system has changed, the entire continent has increased, and the role classes have been renovated numerous times. Since worldwide release on August 27, WoW Classic has been loved by millions of players all over the world.

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A lot of changes will happen upon the arrival of Albion Online Queen Update on January 20, 2020. With this update, the Outlands will be completely reworked, and with very few exceptions, all territories and siege camps in the Royal Continent will be removed. Here is what we have got from the official site for players to read carefully.

Migrating Players and Items
1. Players:
Players in the Outlands will be moved to the city with the portal closest to them. Even though the Caerleon portals will no longer exist, for this transfer, Caerleon is included among these cities.
Players in affected zones in the Royal continent (i.e. those that had territories or siege camps) will be moved to the nearest zone entrance.

2. Banks and Battlevaults:
All personal items in banks and battlevaults in the Outlands, or in a removed Royal Territory or Siege Camp, will be moved to the Royal City that is closest or has the closest portal.
Guild banks in territories will be moved to the owning guild’s Guild Island Bank.
Territory bank tabs (and their corresponding access rights) will be copied to the Guild Island Bank.
If the guild doesn’t own a Guild Island, the items will be destroyed.

3. Islands:
Personal and guild islands will be movable during the month following the Queen update. This is currently slated for January 20 10:01 UTC to February 20 10:00 UTC.
Only islands created prior to the launch of the Queen update are eligible to be moved.
Islands moved during the last island move are still eligible to be moved once more after the Queen update.

4. Items that will not be moved:
Items currently for sale or in the completed tab of Marketplaces in Guild Home Territories will not be moved. This means that any items in Marketplaces in the Outlands when Queen goes live will be lost.
Contents of placeable chests, as well as all placed furniture items, will not be moved and will be destroyed.
Farmable items left in territories will be destroyed.
Buildings left in territories, including farms and pastures, will be destroyed.

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The Rocket League has been updated, and familiar Crates has been removed in this update. Added Blueprints as a substitute, which will now give specific loot. Developer Psyonix first added Crates to Rocket League back in 2016, around the height of the loot box boom in games. Despite the decline in favor that this particular form of micro-transactions has endured over the last several years, the item has remained in Rocket League. However, in August, Psyonix announced that it would be removing Crates in favor of a system that gave players a better idea of the loot they were paying for. All of the Crates that are currently in players’ inventories at the time of patch 1.7 will change into unrevealed Blueprints. Meanwhile, unused Keys, which were previously used to unlock Crates, will turn into Credits, the currency used to craft items from Blueprints. Players will also be able to trade Credits, so if you want a revealed Blueprint that another player has you can offer Credits as compensation, instead of trading a different Blueprint. Here I will introducing Blueprints in detail:
Blueprints have replaced Crates in Rocket League
Each Blueprint can build one item for a displayed number of Credits
All Crates in your inventory have been converted into unrevealed Blueprints
Revealing a Blueprint will show you which item that Blueprint can build, along with how many Credits that item will require to build
Blueprints may drop after select Online Matches
You can trade revealed Blueprints to other players
Credits and Bonus Gifts
All Keys have been converted into Credits
Each Key in your inventory is worth 100-130 Credits. Learn more about the conversion process here
Credits can be traded, but only one player in a transaction can offer
Credits (no Credit-for-Credit trading)
Credits are subject to a trade hold for 72 hours after purchase. The trade hold on newly-purchased Credits will apply to all Credits in your inventory
During a trade hold, you cannot trade Credits, items built from
Blueprints with Credits during the trade hold, or items from Pro Tiers of Rocket Pass purchased with Credits during the trade hold
All Decryptors have been converted into Bonus Gifts
Bonus Gifts are free to open
Bonus Gifts contain one item from either the Revival or Vindicator
Blueprint Series
Item Archiving and Inventory Management
You can now archive items you no longer want to view with the rest of your inventory
‘Archived Items’ tab has been added to the Manage Inventory screen
This tab will only appear in Manage Inventory if you have archived at least one item, and will disappear if you have nothing archived
To archive an item, go to Manage Inventory, highlight the item, click the left stick (controller) or click the box icon in the upper-right corner of the item thumbnail (mouse)
To remove an item from the archive, find it under ‘Archived Items,’ click the left stick (controller) or click the box icon in the upper-right corner of the item thumbnail (mouse). The item will then reappear under the appropriate tab (Wheels, Decal, etc.)
‘Blueprint,’ and ‘Gift Pack’ tabs have been added to the Manage
Inventory screen
All Blueprints will appear in the Blueprint tab, unless archived
All Bonus Gifts will appear in the Gift Pack tab, unless archived
Competitive Season 13
Competitive Season 13 begins
Season 13 brings a “soft reset” that requires you to do placement matches in each playlist to recalibrate your Rank
Winning half of your placement matches will land you near your previous season ranking
League Rankings will be temporarily empty until players complete their placement matches
All placement match wins count towards your Bronze Season Reward
Level progress
With the start of Season 13, we have adjusted how Party MMR works for Competitive Playlists. A Party’s MMR will now be weighted closer to the MMR of the highest Ranked player in the group than in previous seasons.

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