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NHL 17 is an EA hockey simulation video game developed by EA Canada, released by EA Sports. This is the 26th edition of the NHL game series, and on September 13, 2016 in North America and September 15 in Europe launched PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game. Openly voted to find a game of looking for a cover player. The vote is an athlete from the 8th World Cup hockey 2016 season. The game cover picture features the Russian striker Vladimir Tallasenko St. Louis Blues.

Games: Each sport video game depends on it can bring fun and challenging gameplay to the people behind the stick. As the NHL series goal is to provide a more realistic hockey experience in recent years, so the game sector encountered some problems. After a few days, you can ignite the ice, change the direction, but the skate is also clumsy, too depressed, passing the mechanism is also true.

However, this year’s game has been improved, in a number of departments more smoothly. The skaters no longer feel that they are stuck in quicksand when they change direction or initial steps. Often go to their intended goal, not the person who is behind him 40 feet, you do not even know where it is. In fact you can cycle ice hockey. AI gets improved and the player is smarter. The battle in front of the network and the glass does not feel like making. Big hit still exists, but in fact you can put it out from the hockey, and will not be completely out of appearance.

Menu: One of the most annoying problems in NHL 16 is its bulky, unorganized and dull menu system, which usually makes anyone trying to cause the game to fail. This year has fixed a newer menu layout, not only beautiful, but also more convenient response. Players can reach where they want to go – whether it’s some quick game or enter the game mode – about half the time last year. In addition, it is worth noting that, because of this year’s great soundtrack, the menu experience is also more enjoyable.

Arena atmosphere: last year’s selling point is that it brings a unique arena environment and atmosphere for every NHL team. This is very late, and did not make up for the shortcomings of the game, but for the future franchise, this is very important. This year, EA builds on this foundation by adding more team-specific elements such as target horns and songs. Big moments and clutches aim more intense with the appropriate crowd atmosphere. Even if the subtle changes – like the camera after a huge goal shaking to the crowd roar – produced a huge change, and for the game player to provide additional satisfaction.

Custom: This is the big winner of NHL 17. Players and team customization options have been greatly improved, which for the franchise’s most popular online game model EA Sports Hockey League is particularly good.

Depth: NHL 17 is a fun and enjoyable game, after the first pass, the store will have very little surprise. It is a very “you see is what you get” game, unfortunately, in the previous part has seen a lot.

One of the most popular game upgrades this year is the improved franchise model that now allows users to have more ownership of organizational decisions, including fares, promotional gifts, and even relocation / remodeling. You can also choose to buy cheap NHL 17 Coins 24/7 friendly service at LOLGA, the fastest delivery and the lowest price, 100% safe! Have more than 7 years of experience, can be passed to the customer. Since we have a professional service team, we guarantee delivery of goods within 15 minutes (except for special circumstances). While these options make the pattern a little more life, cool, but they are not brand new or impressive. In fact, EA ten years ago, they almost all returned to Madden 2004. Developers will need to try more ideas, so that players feel that they are getting a new, truly immersive experience.

Attention to detail: One of the biggest drawbacks of NHL is the lack of attention to detail in the game experience. NBA 2K for almost every player in the game has a sign style, Madden for all of its quarterback to bring real throwing action, MLB: The Show for almost every major Leaguer have authentic batter posture and pitcher, but almost all Players NHL 17 play exactly the same. The action in the game is not too much of a subtlety, so that players in the equipment outside the vanity feel real life, and sometimes the game will even become wrong – especially in the goalkeeper. Combining the action of the biggest stars of the game’s personal action will certainly help bring more real and more valuable experiences for the stubborn hockey fans.

Rating System: NHL Player Score System is a strange and frustrating beast. I do not have any flawed assessment of individual players, but I would say that the rating scale is puzzling. More than 50 NHL players rated 89 or above, but no more than 95 – Sidney Crosby won the top honors. It is a very high proportion of the player pool being rated as high (not far from many other people) and gathered together. For comparison, FIFA 17, which has thousands of players, only 16 players rated as 89 +, only 4 into 92 or higher.

Improved gaming and user experience may be enough for fans to play, but for other sports champion players, it is likely to realize that the NHL 17 is still far from really great at least in 2016. If the hockey is a three-zone game, the NHL exquisite game (though the huge building blocks of the future) covers only one of the areas. Franchising is still lacking the depth and complexity of keeping pace with other sports on the market, and you can not compete through singles.

The new game mode, the new experience of fan mode, and the best ice game, let NHL 17 become the most exciting EA SPORTS NHL game so far. In the new Champions League and World Cup hockey game mode to give birth to hockey fantasy, with a real goalkeeper in each area, attack and defense on the new network fight as well as bones colliding with physics. Let your team enter the new level of the most personalized EA SPORTS hockey league and bring your game into dozens of exciting new target celebrations. No matter how you play the game, NHL 17 can make you on ice and ice to form a legacy.

Madden NFL 17 core and auxiliary functions

I play the only one every year sports games, rugby fans can only deepen the experience of the game – “Madden football” series of each game in the past around a core to start, such as “Madden NFL 15” is the core Defensive. EA said that the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Madden NFL 17 will contain three parts: offense, defense, and speccial teams. In last year’s American Football League, dressed in red uniforms Buffalo Bill and the green jersey wearing a New York Jets fleet of a confrontation not only in the visual show some muddle of the perception (red with green) , But also to have the red and green blindness of the audience some blind. But this embarrassing situation in the “Madden NFL 17” and will not appear.

In the offensive part, the player can control the player to attack the ball. “We introduced a tiered system in the game where each player’s attributes, speed, and rank determine what kind of nirvana they can play on the court,” EA explains in the blog tweets. In the Madden NFL 17 ‘s arena, both brave and mighty men, such as chariots, are smart and agile, and are good at using fake little ones.

But this interesting setting also makes “Madden NFL 17” this game has become more complicated. In order to allow players to get started, EA also specifically added some tips to guide the player how to operate. In addition, there is a new option called Path Assist that provides advice on how the player controls the movement of the role.If the player chooses a lower game difficulty, the player-controlled portion will be reduced accordingly, The game will automatically help you choose the right location and action.

Here again to talk about the defensive part. In the “Madden NFL 17”, the player will be able to better cover his teammates through the new job in the gap assignments. Defensive part of the “Forced defenders” will try to attack the ball players from the edge forced back to the center of the venue. In addition, EA almost reproduces the part of the regional defense, they said: “We will be in this part of the eight” Madden football “in the never had outside the ball tactics.

In this regard, EA also wrote: “Madden NFL17” in the AI ​​defensive team members can be aware of the various areas of the court may be a threat, and can automatically search for teammates need to be connected. In addition, they not only able to field To run, but also in the game to build a strong line of defense.This can be said that the series so far the most realistic and wit AI. “So players buy value for money, then the players can also https : // buy Madden 17 Coins, so that they are not only in the strong line of defense to enhance their ability to attack.

Of course, there are a lot of interesting new elements in the “rugby team” group. “Madden NFL17” in the introduction of a new kick kick (kick meter). EA said the introduction of this counter is to “let the existing” NFL “game becomes more challenging.” In the game, the player can also use ice to the kicker under the trip. The introduction of the new game mechanism also adds more risk and opportunity to this part of the content.

“NFL 17” also includes a series of new auxiliary function settings, in these new settings will be included in the “color blind auxiliary (Colorblind Filter)”. It is estimated that its participation can benefit about 5 million people suffering from color blindness “NFL” series of players. With this feature, the player can replace all of the elements in the game from the game venue to the player’s jersey with red or blue color.

In addition, this new work also added a benefit for all players set. “Madden NFL17” in the pass and action icon has been enlarged. Although these enlarged icons sometimes obscure the game characters, but it allows players to see the role of the need to do the action, and will not always hand wrong by the wrong key. Brightness and contrast settings can also match the player’s color and clarity of the screen different needs.You can also madden movie room to learn from the great people, to show your competitors.

Forza Horizon 3 Driver License

Microsoft’s racing “Extreme Racing” series sought after by the players, especially in the Xbox platform can always usher in hot, and “extreme racing: Horizon 3 (Forza Horizon 3)” also received a very good Results. According to Microsoft’s latest data, “extreme racing” series of total sales have exceeded one billion US dollars mark.

“From the start-up of the game, the” Extreme Racing “series is dedicated to bringing amazing images to the players, realistic game engines, and excellent game play and playability,” said Phil Spencer, a Microsoft Xbox expert, Turn 10 Studios also made the largest racing game player group in the “Extreme Racing” series, and this success is enough to make us feel proud.

Please start with the most basic LFS, you have to go to the SRFC registration ID, and then register the driver’s center ID. The next is a few months, long years of driving license to obtain, that is, you have to get at least the primary driver’s license this ticket. But before you get the driver’s license you can go to buy Forza Horizon 3 Credits get a surprising luxury car so that you quickly get a driver’s license, quickly through the assessment.

Under the new rules, the driver ‘s license is getting harder and harder to get out …

Assessment Guidance:

The first lap: start, follow the front car. In the first bend with the second bend, it is forbidden to go beyond any vehicle. After entering the big straight, beyond the AI ​​2, must be in the fourth bend before the transcendence. Followed by AI 1, but can not go beyond, nor can it be overtaken by AI 2.

The second lap: keep the second position until the second lap is completed.

The third lap: keep the second position before entering the big straight. After entering the big straight, simulate the blue flag situation, must be in the next corner before the AI ​​2 security beyond (at the latest in the brakes before the AI ​​2 head more than the front of the reference). Then enter the “overtaking simulation 1” at the end of the large straight line, into the right side of the runway divided by the white line, forbidden to enter the left lane, to prohibit the white line in the middle of the track until the end of the third lap.

The fourth lap: at the end of the big straight into the “overtaking simulation 2”, into the white line by the left side of the runway, prohibited into the right lane, banned the middle of the white line, until the end of the fourth lap. Last red line. Completion of the total time, XFG shall not exceed 6: 50.00, XRG shall not exceed 6: 46.00

Assessment of content analysis:

1. The first lap of the first bend is strictly prohibited overtaking, training drivers of the safety of quality and braking capacity, lower in the race, due to the brake too late lead to the probability of a series of accidents.

2. big straight overtaking, training drivers out of the bend ability, followed by the car, by the wake to do beyond. While training drivers in the car after catching or side by side in the case of braking capacity and adaptability.

3. Maintain the current position ranking, training the driver’s ability to follow the car and the safety of quality. The track is not all places are suitable to do beyond, improper transcendence will only cause danger, then follow the car can reflect the quality of all aspects of the driver.

4. Simulation of the blue flag situation, each driver must understand the rules, training drivers quickly and safely let the car through.
5. Overtake simulation, training drivers in the corner of the competition when the safety awareness and the correct way of overtaking, at any time to leave space for each other. Due to AI’s intelligent restrictions, can not do with their overtaking action (AI basic ignore the driver’s alignment), so the use of crossed the track, simulation in the two cars and into the corner when the situation.

NBA Live Mobile play and function introduction

“NBA Live Mobile” new series by Russell Westbrook endorsement “NBA Live Mobile” with 5 to 5 rules, and with the NBA all day 365 days interlinked, so that players can actually participate in the game through real life in the Union of various events The Real life inspiration for live events, you will experience a range of fast and participatory skill challenges as well as a quarter (two minute) game scene that lets you connect to your favorite team and players.

In any game, choose to control your team directly or choose an automated game to get your team to find your own destiny. Familiar with the new features of the game will provide you with a strong team to provide technical support.

NBA Live Mobile new features:

Starting today, we updated the list of games and the UI in the game to reflect the NBA in the 2016-17 season. The new court, logo, jersey and updated player card will reflect the off-season action, including rookie add and a brand new event rookie lineup (more below).

Increased daily goals.

New splash screen and NBA Live move icon.

For the first time in NBA Live Mobile, we added a new language! The support of Russia and Turkey is now here, more in the short term.

The game enhances and improves the functionality of the TON, including the huge community requirements: the new mechanism for the alley, post-game AI improvements, more, more!

With your progress, use the past and present star players to build your NBA final team. Use your dream team through your personal NBA season and compete with other players who match the rankings or play with friends in friendly games.

In the season mode and / or ranking the progress of the tournament to unlock bigger and better rewards, including items that include collections, such as rare, skilled players and improve your team’s lineup. If you want to get more excellent players, then you can get a lot of gold to buy Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins.The customer is the most important part of the business,this is my most valued.

As you progress and improve your level of users, unlocking new types of players lineup allows different game strategies and new ways to collect players. NBA global programs have different difficulty and reward of live events. As the difficulty increases, the reward also increases; for example, when you complete the “Global: Shooting Expert” campaign, hard four-star challenge, you will get three global collections. Medium three-star event will bring you two global collections.