Two days ago, the developer released a new update for Escape from Tarkov. According to the official site, the patch is available now. You can see the full information from the following content.

Dogtags taken from PMCs should now have “found in raid status”. This status can be lost the same way as it is for other items.
Added prioritization of items for crafting and building in the hideout. Items without the “found in raid” status are used first, while items with the “found in raid” status will be used later.

One of the bugs causing FPS drop on interface screens
Sharpness change of shadow cascades, now the transition between different shadow rendering quality is smoother
One of the spawn bugs, when some AIs on the location could be invisible to the player
One of the bugs causing grenades explosion without sound and effects
Flea market interface bug when an infinite loading indicator appeared on top of the menu
Bug displaying blood drops effect on the screen if there is a character nearby that takes damage from barbed wire
Bug of taking damage from a barrel with fire if it is hit by another player
Bug with saving the scroll bar position when switching between merchants
Bug when the last outdated item wouldn’t disappear after error
Spamming error when extracting through car after grenade explosion
Error 1508 when adding an offer to the flea market with items added in 12.6 patch
Error.Collider.Contains Point.Get Volume By Position (or .isolatedVolumes)
Error during creation of character EXCEPTION: System.Invalid Operation Exception: Sequence contains no matching element
Some errors while loading after raid end
Various minor errors and issues

Fixes related to binaural audio:
Kicking door out sound is now less muffled
Sound of movement while crouched and on minimal speed is now more quiet
Contusion sounds are now working properly with binaural audio
Various minor bug fixes

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Recently, Battlestate Games announced that streamers will get drops from Twitch between June 11 to June 22. The cooperation between Battlestate and Twitch for a drop event dated back from the end of 2019 into 2020, and meaningful in-game items had given to players watching streamers on Twitch.

Easy Steps to Sign Up for Twitch Drops
Just as before, it is very simple to sign up for the drops, but will take a bit of a procedure to make sure your account is eligible to start earning rewards as soon as you tune into a qualifying stream.
1. Create an Escape from Tarkov Profile (if you don’t have one) which will be linked to your game.
2. Link your Twitch profile to your Escape from Tarkov account from the EFT site here.
3. Tune in to any approved EFT streaming channels with the “Drops are enabled” tag from June 11 – June 22.
4. Farm hours to start earning rewards!
Follow the above-mentioned steps to be ready to enjoy the event.

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If you are new to Escape from Tarkov, it is very neccessary to get used to Tarkov’s controls at first. To help you get familiar with the controls more quickly, here is an introduction to the movement controls to help you do well in Escape from Tarkov.

Tarkov Keybinds on Movement
Tarkov doesn’t give you a way to directly unbind a control. To do so, just bind something else to the same key. For example, if you want to unbind Jump, bind Forward to Space and then back to W. The following is some tips given by a reddit user about the movement controls.

WASD and spacebar are pretty standard. Change at your own peril. Mousewheel for stance and movespeed is also pretty much set in stone.

Sprint: Shift is good. If it is not the default, I recommend using Continuous for this because a) you’ll never be sprinting for long enough for toggle to be worth it in terms of button presses, and b) it makes it slightly easier to stop quietly, by releasing shift slightly before W. Using Continuous also allows bhopping, plus some interesting movement tech when overweight, but don’t tell anyone.

Prone: I find X awkward to reach with the way my hand is positioned. I bind prone to Z but this is personal preference.

Crouch: I recommend the default bind (C). If you are a CS player CTRL may come more naturally, but doing so will overlap awkwardly with many other binds that use CTRL as a modifier. I suppose you could always make C the modifier for these binds.

Leaning: Some say switching Q and E makes leaning and strafing easier, since you can use opposite fingers to lean and move in the same direction. I personally have not tried this but it could be worth considering.

Smooth Leaning: I do not use it. Until it is brought in line with stance height and movespeed – controlled by the mousewheel – it is far too slow to be a safe or effective option in any firefight. The only use case is when you are in an extremely weird spot and need to peek a very tight angle with precise positioning; but even then it is only useful if you have plenty of time to get it right. I would unbind it, but otherwise bind it to something far away that you won’t accidentally hit.

Sidestep: Sidestep is an indispensable tool because its effect on aim is small and predictable compared to strafing. I use ALT + AD for sidestep. This interferes somewhat with changing magnification while strafing, so if you prefer you can use QE or CTRL – but keep in mind this will then interfere with leaning / changing scopes. Avoid the default bind if you do not change your Hold Breath key, as it interferes with steadying aim while leaning.

Side note: This would be quite intuitive because you would simply strafe while steadying aim; unfortunately, sidestepping interrupts holding your breath in this case. In fact, after doing so, your character will hold breath only when not holding the hold breath hotkey, and pressing it will cause them to breathe normally again. I am nearly certain this is not intended behavior but until it is fixed this combination is not recommended.

Freelook can stay on MMB. If you have a tendency to fatfinger and accidentally scroll while pushing the wheel, consider rebinding it to an extra mouse button (if you have one).

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The developer Battlestate Games has been very busy to cope the issues occured in Escape from Tarkov in recent days. To respond to global players, they push a reset button from Tarkov in their new patch update According to their recent post in twitter, they mainly fix their eyes on the endurance and strength skill system in the game. In the new patch update, overweight is added to allow realistic exprience and simulation, with Interchange reworked and stamina changed and several bugs fixed. Here is an overview of this latest update for Escape from Tarkov.

Full List of Escape from Tarkove Patch Update
Interchange location has been reworked
Interchange location lighting has been updated
New interactive objects, new location exfils
Various problems with culling, physical colliders have been fixed
New mechanics, overweight. The character receives various debuffs while carrying a certain amount of weight (increased equipment noise, movement speed limits, increased stamina consumption, etc.)

Fatigue effect debuff has been added, which appears if the character keeps the stamina at a low level for a long time. Energy consumption increases with this effect.
Now The character’s stamina indicator is divided into arms and legs. The arm’s stamina is consumed when aiming, throwing grenades and fighting with melee weapons. The legs stamina is consumed during sprinting, jumping, changing body positions, etc. Also, the legs stamina starts to drain when the hand’s stamina drops to zero.
The “trading “flea market”, “inventory” buttons have been added to the bottom panel of the interface for quick access.
New hand grenades based on the VOG-17 and VOG-25 prototypes.
The resolution of your screen is automatically determined and applied as standard settings, at the first start of the game.
New weapon mods
New sets of character customization and equipment
New BEAR top called “Telnik”
New BEAR pants called “Tiger”
New USEC top called “TIER2”
New USEC pants called “Commando”
New SCAV top “Olimpic shirt Russia”
New body armor, tactical vests, backpack, helmet, active headset
Grenade case
New barter loot and new trading schemas requiring this loot
New hideout crafting schemas
New quests with new outfits as a reward

Minor lightning optimizations
Minor decals optimizations
Various server stability optimizations

Fixed a bug in which saving the weapons preset, all inventory, and trading operations could freeze
Fixed part of inventory display bugs at 2k (or 1440p) screen resolution
Fixed a bug where AI corpses could disappear during reconnect
Displaying of notifications while receiving weapons from a SCAV box has been fixed
Fixed a bug when the production timer might not be updated when the generator ran out of fuel
Fixed a bug when it was impossible to enter the hideout after transferring graphics cards from the Bitcoin farm
Fixed a bug when the context menu did not appear on items brought by SCAV
Fixed a bug when the item could remain unexamined after production
Fixed a bug when you, with a pistol or melee weapon, press the sprint button twice, the character runs in place
Now you won’t be kicked to the main menu, after receiving a “the stash is full” error
Fixed hideout bug which allowed to appear a window for transferring items from the first-person view
Fixed pop-ups which can appear not in the center of the screen
A bug while the pop-up with a list of missing items appears beyond the screen
Fixed a bug which caused errors at the flea market while there are barter offers
Another various bug fixes and corrections

Stimulants parameters have been adjusted, debuffs became weaker
The weight of various items has been adjusted
The flea market is now available from the 15th PMC lvl (was lvl 5)
Small reflex sights marks were downscaled (aimpoint, romeo, trijicon)
Accuracy values in weapon characteristics are now displayed in Minutes Of Angle
We added a weapon name to the standard weapon presets, which they relate to

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